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Glasgow Wedding Photographer 10 Hotel - Victoria and Steven

Victoria and Steven decided to formalize their long-term relationship, by celebrating their wedding at the 10 Hotel in Glasgow. The venue was beautifully placed at the Southside of Glasgow and seemed to be ideal for the small group of family and friends' wedding ceremony. As for Glasgow Wedding Photographer, the venue was quite local to me which was a bit beneficial. knew when we first met at the consultation Victoria and Steven are such nice souls. You know, it clicks between us. One of the first words from Steven was "we want to our photographer feel good and be one of our wedding guests. A good relationship with my wonderful customers is as important as my professional approach to my work.

With Victoria's background in art - she's an art teacher and very skilful in art craft. Victoria designed most of the decorations for they's wedding which I found really beautiful. So finding the right Glasgow Wedding Photographer was important to both Victoria and Steven. They wanted their photos to be more like the documentary style but also fine art family and portrait shoots.

As expected, I had a blast being a Glasgow Wedding Photographer on the day. The venue date was set for the third of July 2021, and let's say the weather was very temperamental but about that maybe later on. As much as Bride and Groom were lovely persons I can say exactly the same about their parents and friends. Just feels good to be around them.

Wedding Photographers apart from documentary photos must consider how important family and friends photos are. That's a traditional form of photography. As much as I love to photograph candid shots, I also adore staged, formal family portraits. I paid a lot of attention to them to make them look as good as I can. I chose a spot with the right light and background. My goal was to make the right composition.

Unfortunately, I needed to be quick with outdoor shooting as moody weather spoiled the day a little bit. Then again, it's Scotland and we all considered that could happen eventually. The rain was super intense, turning streets into rivers.

That's how the rest of the evening vent. Escaping from heavy rain, hiding in the 10 Hotel lovely interiors, snapping photos. Luckily we even managed to get a smoke bomb photoshoot at the skate park close to 10 Hotel in Glasgow. Victoria and Steven. I'm so happy they choose me as a Glasgow Wedding Photographer. My friends as I can call them.

Buachaille Etive Scotland Wedding Elopement

Buachaille Etive - Scotland Wedding Elopement

Glencoe - A little bit of a fairytale

At the beginning of April 2021, Bex and Tom decided to celebrate their love with an elopement wedding in Glencoe. The ceremony took place at the breathtaking Buachaille Etive Mòr spot. Scotland Wedding Elopement - In Scottish Highlands, you can have four seasons of the year in ten minutes. The day started with a Spring in full glory and Wintertime at the end of the ceremony with heavy snow falling. As restrictions due to the pandemic not been lifted yet in Highlands, our wedding party was limited to a maximum of five persons. I was one of the witnesses. Literally. Being a witness is just a formality, but to me, it was a great privilege. First time in my life I was a witness!

A big thanks to those amazing people for organising this gorgeous elopement wedding behind the scenes:

Elopement planner: Wild Hearts Elopement

Flowers and Headband: To A Mountain Daisy

Celebrant: Gail Brack

The Sitooterie: St Marys Space

glencoe wedding ceremony

Chapter one - The Spring at St. Mary’s Space

That day started at a beautiful place, St. Mary’s Space, not too far from Appin town. A small business run by Charlotte and Jamie. They build up a little, charming cabin just beside the old converted chapel. You should check out that place if getting married or have an artistic soul. Charlotte is a craft artist, Jamie is a musician. I arrived at that peaceful little gem of Scotland on the morning, scouting for the best place to have a first look. The morning light was already harsh. The walking path to the close River Ure was boggy. I spotted an old, big tree and small mountain well, right beside the cabin. I knew right away I found the perfect spot!

First Look

I do not know what the first look is for a long time. What is the purpose? All weddings I remember from my home place were that the groom sees a partner at the ceremony. My home place is Scotland now, but before that was Poland. I had the picture in my mind as an odd ritual, a bit forced, staged mainly for the photos. I was so wrong. The wedding day is full of emotions, the anticipation is real. The nervousness of the couple as it is a big day! But the fear goes away in the arms of a loved one. For the couple, be close together before the ceremony helps reduce stress to the bare minimum.
Tom's face when he saw the bride in her wedding dress. Priceless. It's the face of someone who finds out that he just won a fortune in the lottery. My honest thought; Tom was tripping on love. So was Bex. The best drug you can have, but you can't buy.

Chapter Two - Wandering around Glencoe

Slowly we hit the road into The Three Sisters direction, the famous viewpoint of the Glencoe. Our first stop was at the castle Stalker, located by Portnacroish, Appin. Stalker is a lonely castle on a tiny island, the only way to get there is by hiring a boat. Unfortunately, the castle is temporarily closed so we took some photos with this curious object in the background. So we were slowly driving, stopping here and there when we found anything interesting up to Kingshouse hotel where we met deer. It was one of these moments when I instantly regretted I forgot a carrot! All the way I was a bit worried about my couple, are they adventurous enough to go to some not easily accessible places, how about the wedding dress? But Bex blows my concerns out of the water. She was first to go, oh, check this waterfall down there!

Chapter Three - The Elopement Wedding Ceremony

We slowly arrived at Buachaille Etive Mòr. A cold afternoon was still sunny, but clouds started to appear in the blue sky. In Scottish highlands expect most unexpectable about weather prediction. I certainly did not consider heavy snow blizzard on that day.

glencoe wedding ceremony

Bex and Tom decided to go for an ancient Celtic tradition, a couple swears an oath on a stone. Tom was holding in his hand personalised stone with names and wedding date. Gail, the humanist celebrant, prepared a touching speech for the couple. There were tears and laughter - great moments.

The weather started to change, after the ceremony, Gail left a gift for Bride and Groom, a tartan blanket and a lucky horseshoe for future good luck. I snapped few photos at the heavy snow moment. At Buachaille Etive Mòr started to be cold, so we jump back into the car to warm up ourselves and hit the road to Glen Etive.

Chapter Four - Glen Etive

A beautiful pocket of Glencoe. From the road, you can see another side of Buachaille Etive. We stopped at the river with waterfalls with the peak of Buachaille Etive in the background. A movie Skyfall scene from the exact spot over Glen Etive road. Tourists try to recreate that scene with a photo. Glen Etive is often a choice for Scotland Wedding Elopement. Did I mention Tom was looking like Daniel Craig, James Bond from the movie? And it is not only my opinion!

Scotland Wedding Elopement turned in to a fairytale story. The snow, the lovely couple Bex and Tom. It was an amazing day, a good feeling to be in this place, with lovely people. We had so much joy and laughter together! I hope my photos show just a little bit of that joy during the whole day.

Dunglass Estate Elopement Scotland

Elopement photographer - Dunglass Estate

Why Dunglass Estate is a cool place to elope

So, why Dunglass Estate elopement is cool? Beautiful home in East Lothian focusing on wedding venues, a 40 minutes drive south from the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. The estate, surrounded by forest from the one side, has an old church chapel and secret, walled garden with the glasshouse. And on top of that is located by the North Sea bay. You have to see it to appreciate it fully. It is a cool place for an intimate forest elopement or old church elopement. It is romantic, a lovely venue for the couple which prefer a luxury of having a roof alternative in the worst-case scenario, instead of rugged, wild elopement in the Scottish Highlands.

Venue: Dunglass Estate

Workshop: Photography Farm

Workshop Leaders: Devlin Photos & Sean Bell

Hair: Pin Up Hair Glasgow

Makeup: Cat Robertson Makeup

Model Couple: Rebecca & Rob Scott (@thescotts_modelcouple)

Design and Styling: We Are Gloam

Floristry: We Are Gloam

Dresses: Unbridaled and Sanyukta Shrestha

Suit: Beggars Run

Crown: Rene Walrus (@tiarastrash)

Veils: Ann Marie Faulkner

Veils and Crowns: @frejadesignderdressmaking

Rebecca and Rob - The Scotts Couple

The styled event, organised by Photography Farm, was all about elopement ideas and to show how calm and relaxed elopement wedding can look. Rebecca and Rob, the real deal couple were just a perfect bride and groom. We started the shoot on a cold, rainy morning in late October. Morning at Dunglass Estate elopement preparation was all about detail photography and experimenting with the light and shadow. Experiment, the keyword for me if we are talking about wedding and elopement photography.

Elopement in the forest - ferns and Nick Cave song

Luckily, the day cleared out with breaks of sun. We moved to the forest for a styled wedding ceremony. I love elopements in the woods. It makes you connected with nature, makes you feel grounded and relaxed. Well, the forest makes me well-grounded, at least. I believe we all desire that kind of connection with nature.
To make all of us feel like a real wedding ceremony, someone played a song "into my arms" by Nick Cave from the phone. It should be a mandatory hymn for the lovers. I adore this song and artist, so I was over the moon hearing it! Styled photo-shoots can be emotional and exciting too. The couple were walk-in ferns, very photogenic plants which grow almost everywhere in Scotland's wilderness.

Elopement celebration ideas - The glasshouse

It may be unusual and not to everyone's taste. I found it romantic and somewhat sweet, an intimate celebration with your loved one in such a cool, airy place. That's the beauty of intimate elopements and micro weddings. Almost everything is up to your imagination, including ceremony. Scotland's law made it easy for couples willing to get married. On the end of the day, we even sneaked a few additional photos in the nearby "secret garden" place as the sun was about to fade and the light was spectacular. The whole day was just magical from the start to the end. The venue, nature, glimpse of the autumn sun added that special feel to the entire event. The perfect day with amazing people around me.

places to elope scotland

10 amazing places in Scotland to elope

Table of Contents

    Why have an elopement in Scotland?

    Scotland is a beautiful, raw nature scenery country. If you are adventurous, an outdoor couple, you have many options to choose. The short answer would be, you can have an elopement ceremony pretty much everywhere. Elope to Scotland means you have freedom the get married anywhere you want. Choice of many lochs for, hills and mountains to hike can be overwhelmed for couples not familiar with wild Scottish outdoors. Here I narrow down to most popular, epic or scenic places in Scotland to elope.

    1. Glencoe and Glen Etive

    Glencoe is about 2.5 hours drive from Glasgow over very scenic A82 road. Or 3 hours drive from Edinburgh. Waterfalls, lochs, gorgeous viewpoints to stop and admire the landscape, breath in the fresh air. The route over Glencoe has it all, a popular w amongst tourist, been featured in such movies like Skyfall and Harry Potter series. In result, at the weekends or summer time, road and car parks can be quite busy.

    Once you get off the road, a little bit deeper into the wild, everything gets calm and remote. Glencoe well deserves to be one of the best places in Scotland to elope.

    For hillwalkers and mountaineers, Aonach Eagach Ridge walk path is a real test. If you take that hassle, the views are rewarding.

    places in Scotland to elope

    To re-create Skyfall experience, turn left from A82 to Glen Etive after Glencoe Ski Resort. This place is truly magical. In winter could be covered with snow and over the summer, shades of hills and mountains are so green, is mesmerised. Autumn makes hills in golden shades colour.

    For more info visit Glencoe Scotland

    Accommodation suggestions:

    Ideas for elopement and hiking:

    • Loch Tulla Viewpoint
    • Glen Etive Cottage
    • Aonach Eagach Ridge
    • Three Sisters Viewpoint
    • Buachaille Etive Mor 
    2. Corrour elopement

    Anyone familiar with the famous Trainspotting movie should remember the remote train station scene. It is Corrour. You can get here by train to Fort William. it's the most romantic way to get there. Road developed to Corrour Accommodation Site is the remotest train station in the UK. From the station, take a walking path to Loch Ossian.

    You’ll find Youth Hostel at the edge of Loch Ossian. Best place to book sleep over would be Corrour accommodation site with lodges and cosy cottages. Book in advance as places are limited.

    loch ossian youth hostel
    3. The Trossachs and Loch Lomond elopement

    It’s the area that contains the East shore of Loch Lomond across to west Stirling. Very scenic and romantic place pack with lochs hills and summits. Only about 1-hour drive from Glasgow could be an ideal choice from places in Scotland to elope.

    loch lomond elopement

    One of very beautiful and not too hard to hike summits is Ben Ann. Walk patch up to the top is easy, stone or gravel surface, just under an hour walk. Just imagine eloping on the top with a breathtaking view over Loch Katrine. 

    If you feel like a forest is more your thing of nature, I could recommend Aberfoyle and Callander forestry. My favourite place is Bracklin Falls, located above the town of Callander. It’s an easy walk up to forestry and the scenic old bridge over the river and most spectacular waterfalls, especially after heavy rain. It’s a good, easy walk patch, definitely worth to visit if not for the elopement spot.

    Tree Loch Forestry Drive just off Duke’s pass is another option. Although over the wintertime, forest drive is closed to the public.

    Access to Loch Lomond shore over The Trossachs is single file road from Aberfoyle to Inversnaid.  Easy access to a beautiful view of Loch Chon on the way to Inversnaid could be the best spot for a quiet, intimate wedding ceremony.

    Accommodation suggestions:

    4. Isle of Skye

    Travel takes 6 hour drive from Glasgow or Edinburgh. To get there you could either drive over the Skye bridge or take a ferry from Malaig. I’d recommend latter, short ferry cruise just add little bit more to your epic elopement adventure. Plus on the way to Malaig you can stop by Glenfinnan Viaduct, featured in several Harry Potter movies.

    Glenfinnan Viaduct

    The scenery on the Isle of Skye is just breathtaking. Skye is a perfect destination for elopements or small, intimate weddings. You can stop at any point, walk off the road and enjoy the gorgeous view. Most iconic is the Storr located on the north-east side of the island. The Storr, rocks composed of ancient lava are nothing you’ve seen before, The Storr is located just a few miles up north from largest town on Skye, Portree, where you can purchase supplies and petrol.

    old man storr elopement

    The Quiraing. Access to this place is by twisty, full of hairpins single file road. Once you start walking from the car park, you realise The Quiraing is unique and one of a kind with spectacular landscapes. It’s a touristy, most of the time busy walk path.

    Once you get off mainly muddy walk path (good boots needed!) you should have a quiet, intimate moment for your elopement wedding ceremony and photography session. At summer time those places can be busy. Remote parts of the island are up for suggestion if you like more intimacy. 

    Places to stay ideas:

    Complex information about accommodation on Skye you can find on Hidden Scotland page.

    5. Applecross, Torridon and Eilean Donan Castle 

    Few miles before the junction to Applecross and Torridon, you can stop by Eilean Donan Castle. Located at three sea lochs meet, Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh. The famous, 13th-century castle is a popular place for wedding venues. 

    Applecross and twisty, dramatic road over Bealach Na Ba viewpoint drive along the coast to Loch Shieldaig is a hidden gem of Scotland. Plenty of places to stay and spend the night. 

    Torridon, usually less touristy place is packed with stunning places to have an elopement. Adventurous couples can hike over 5 Munros found in that area. If you make an effort to go as far as to have an elopement experience, you should not regret that decision. 

    Applecross and Torridon accommodation ideas:

    6. Glen Roy National Nature Reserve

    To get there turn in to A86 when travelling from Fort William to Roybridge. Then take Braeroy Rd up to Glen Roy Nature Reserve. If travelling by car, you can park a vehicle at Glen Roy National Nature Reserve Car Park and take a walk up to Luib Chonnal BOTHY direction. Walking up Glen Roy there are noticeable, mysterious parallel lines horizontally. That distinctive line has been created by the last glacial at the end of the ice age.

    The route goes right beside River Roy and offers plenty of scenery to be amazed and waterfalls. Real into the wild Scottish highland experience.

    Near by accommodation ideas:

    7. Isle of Mull Elopement

    How to get there: Ferry from Oban to Craignure or shorter, cheaper ferry option from Lochaline to Fishnish. Mull is rich in clean, beautiful beaches, which is unique in the whole UK. Remote, looking like French Riviera beaches are on far south of the island. Temperatures like in South France are highly unlikely. On a positive note, most of the beaches are empty. Imagine a romantic, quiet elopement ceremony by the sea. How nice that would be. Paces worth consider MacKinnon’s Cave, Treshnish Walk. Tobermory is the capital of Mull with scenic walks around the town area. For more information visit

    isle of mull elopement

    Accomodtion suggestions:

    8. Isle of Arran

    How to get there: Ardrossan (1-hour drive from Glasgow) to Brodick by ferry services. The cruise takes 1 hour. Ferry to Arran and back departs five times a day. Number one place to have an elopement would be Machrie Moor Standing Stones. Neolithic stone circles dated for 3500 BC creates that unique atmosphere of pre-historic religions and beliefs. Machrie Moor Standing Stones are part of Arran Coastal Way, 60 miles walk with diverse landscapes from sandy beaches to rocky cliffs. If you a fan of Scottish whiskey would be a good idea to stop at Lochranza and have a taste of traditional whiskey from Arran.

    Places to stay are located mostly along island coastal line. Here’s few of my favourite picks:

    9. Glen Cova and Glen Doll

    Breathtaking views, peaceful place closer to the east coast, at the south of Cairngorms National Park. A little bit over 2 hours drive from Edinburgh if you travel from the capital of Scotland. It’s well worth the effort. You can stay overnight in Glen Clova Luxury Lodges and have a ceremony and hiking the next day. Take walk path from Clova by trail up to Loch Brandy and have an elopement there.

    Another option I recommend - drive shortly down over local single file country road down to large Glen Doll car park. From Ranger Base take forestry walk by the White River up to Corrie Fee National Nature Reserve.

    10. Edinburgh Elopement

    The capital of Scotland has to offer great old architecture, many good hotels and b&b's to stay and cultural places to go. For the couples who enjoy infrastructure over wild nature wandering and facing so unpredictable rain showers. 

    A popular place for elopement in Edinburgh is Arthur’s seat. The walk takes about 2 hours from Holyrood Park with the view of the great city panorama. Another great place to have an elopement combined with couple photoshoot would is Carlton Hill located just little over a mile from Arthur’s seat.

    Edinburgh has too many pubs and places to go to mention them all. A short list of my recommended hotels and restaurants.

    Places to stay suggestions:

    Restaurants ideas serving vegan and vegetarian food:

    Places in Scotland to elope - summary

    Scotland is a large country with a small population. That leaves many more remote or great locations I did not include on the list. I hope this little read was somewhat helpful. But at the end of the day, it's your elopement day, that's how the tables turned. You planned. This definition is what I believe elopement is all about. Look in to like at the open, unwritten book you are about to write a page. Elopement can be super fancy, with a beautiful wedding dress. You get the hassle to climb at some viewpoint, epic place in Scotland. That's great if this is what YOU want. That's the beauty of elopement, doesn't matter where is, it's all about how you like to celebrate your beautiful love. Elopement can be in the back of your garden, Glasgow or centre of Edinburgh and be the same beautiful like a day on the Isle of Skye. It's your connection, is what makes it special.

    5 reasons why elopement

    5 reasons why you should consider elopement wedding

    Even if you think this is not for you

    If you read this blog, elopement idea already crossed your mind. Nowadays term “elopement” has changed original meaning from secret runaway to planned small, intimate wedding as a celebration of love. After 2020 events, no surprise many engaged couples aiming to get married, choose elopement weddings. Elopement is a growing trend, and the current world situation only accelerated desire to have a small, intimate marriage.

    Elopement Scotland Glencoe

    1. Elopement is all about you and your love.

    First thing off, I love big, fat family weddings. I can see why the bride and groom are attracted to celebrate marriage traditionally. Bride and groom being in the centre of attention, amongst happy wedding guests. But at the same time, I can see how much unnecessary stress in on bride and groom shoulders. Bride and groom seldom are alone, trying to make happy all wedding guests, trying to make everything perfect, dealing with a tight schedule at a traditional wedding. The only time the couple can rest and focus on themselves is a portrait session with the photographer - usually between reception and dinner. I see many times how difficult is to relax for just married couple. Therefore I advise having a separate couple portrait session maybe day before the wedding, that lovers can focus on themselves. Party night after the reception usually helps freshly married couple to loosen tight and wedding dress. But even then, they are never alone. Planning a big wedding for over a hundred guests is stressful enough and always was. The situation looks completely different at the elopement wedding. Bride and Groom are not firmly tight to all traditions and schedule which traditional wedding has. Therefore at a more laid back event, the couple can concentrate on what is all about - love.

    2. Elopement or micro wedding?

    Let's define the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement. And to be frank, there isn't many. The difference is in details and couples approach to be married. I had a few micro weddings in 2020, to my understanding, a micro wedding is a traditional wedding in just a smaller scale. Pretty much as per title "micro". It's for couples with more traditional views to be married. The same ceremony, humanist or in church, wedding cake, family portraits and reception. Sure, when you down to planning an elopement, you don't need to include only you and your loved one plus two witnesses. You can include your family or friends. But the main difference, in my opinion, is that you have more freedom about tailoring your big day. And allow focusing mainly on your love. With the micro wedding, you run into a dilemma who will receive a wedding invitation as in fact, it is a traditional wedding in all aspects and how the bride would like to see it. Sure, part of your family and friends will understand this, there always will be some justifications and shortcomings. When you elope, you are not tight to traditions. You can think out of the box how your day should look. Do you want to invite your family or prefer to be alone just with two witnesses? Do you love nature or prefer city elopement? Would you like to have a ceremony in the morning or later afternoon? This is how I see and define the difference between wedding and elopement.
    On top of that, imagine, after a romantic, intimate elopement ceremony whole of your family and friends receive beautiful photos and incredible video from the day. Does it not sound great? And at the end of the day, you can have a party after all, just in a more relaxed, informal manner if the traditional wedding is not your thing.

    Wedding Scotland Drumtochty Castle

    3. Let’s talk about money- elopement vs wedding

    In general, elopement is cheaper than a wedding, does not mean it cannot be fancy. In Scotland, you can have elopement for around £7k. The cost usually includes the celebrant, wedding dress, accommodation, travel and a well-regarded elopement photographer you like. Elopement is five to ten times less than the costs of the traditional wedding. Simple mathematics, you save a lot on each wedding guest. I know, getting married is not only about money. But with all that savings from the wedding budget, you can have a honeymoon holiday. Or book favourite video artist you couldn’t afford before as the whole of your money went into a wedding venue. You still would have some money left in your pocket to organise some wild party without traditional boundaries. All up to you, how you manage your founds.

    4. Freedom of choice

    If you decide to elope, you are not minute after minute schedule must-do tasks like in a traditional wedding. Yes, you may consider what time of the day would be the best for your photo session. Discuss the schedule with your celebrant but is way less hectic and under your rules. For example, you can hike in the morning, have a ceremony after dinner. You can take advantage to pick the perfect time for your photos. In other words, you can tailor your elopement as you like. You can take even two days option with extra activities but stretch over two days with no fuss and no rush. The most iconic word comes to my mind - freedom. It is a very Scottish way. But hey, whatever floats your boat! That’s great if this is what YOU want. That’s the beauty of elopement, doesn’t matter where is, it’s all about your love, the way you like to celebrate your beautiful love. Elopement can be in the back of your garden, or in the big city. Will be the same beautiful like a day on the Isle of Skye or Glencoe. It’s your connection, is what makes it special. Elopement is easy to understand when you flip the coin and re-define why getting married in the first place.

    5. Free your soul, elope to big, Scottish outdoors!

    Last but not least, think about all those beautiful places Scotland has to offer. Wherever you go, you’ll be surprised how breathtaking scenery can be. From west and south Scottish Borders to Edinburgh. Loch Lomond. Epic A82 road to Glencoe and Skyfall vibe Glen Etive. Isle of Skye and Torridon - to name a few important places to me and much much more places to elope!

    If you interested more to read about it, Here’s 10 places to elope in Scotland.

    elope in Norway header

    Eloping in Norway

    What do you need to know about eloping in Norway

    Eloping in Norway is a dream destination thanks to dramatic, low light, water and mountain scenery. Beautiful, scenic views of that Scandinavian country are truly breathtaking. Now, before you start planning to visit Norway, despite your goal to achieve, there are a few things to take into consideration. 

    If instead spend your budget on big, fat wedding, elopement in stunning place is more appealing to you, Norway is the way to go. It’s one of the most beautiful countries on this planet I ever have seen. Maybe just after Scotland but I might be biased. As with traditional wedding day, plan everything way ahead. Choosing a place in Norway for your perfect day might not be an easy decision to narrow it down. And here’s why.

    elope in Norway

    It’s a big country. The scattered coastline and many islands make it even bigger and not so easily accessible. Luckily water and land transport are well developed. and distanced with many attractions, beautiful nature. Make sure you’ll plan ahead your travel. And trust me, the more time you spend there, more and more hidden gems and beautiful scenery you’ll see. Norway has everything. Mountains, water, islands and wild nature. Although climate and nature can be harsh. Take for consideration time of the year and place. 

    The more north, the more raw, undiscovered nature will be. Personally, I would avoid deep, north part of the country, especially in the wintertime, unless you know what you doing and you after Northern lights, illuminating Norway’s winter sky.

    If you planning to get married, south of the country, under the arctic circle has a lot to offer. Western Norway, with many breathtaking fjords, can be a very tempting option to arrange a boho style, romantic small venue wedding or elopement. When I was travelling as a tourist, my attention caught a small village, Geiranger. That place has everything, breathtaking bay view and majestic fjords, easy travel access. Personally, I would recommend transport by ferry. It’s a couple of hours trip from Alesund with spectacular fjords landscape almost all the way.

    There’s a lot to love about Norway. That country offers almost endless possibilities where and how you’d like to get married. From a small, intimate wedding and cabin in the middle of nowhere to road-trip adventure in the nice scenery. You can elope or have a small wedding by a waterfall. Hike on the mountain and have your ceremony spot there. The sky is a limit as Norway offers all. It’s up to you and your imagination, how far and how deep would you like to go with your adventure.