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My Photography Style

My photography style is warm and moody. Warm like my personality and moody like Scotland.

Documentary, professional, storytelling, artistic, atmospheric, emotional, raw, – the common words you can find if you look around for a wedding photographer. I feel like that is not quite the full picture of my photography style.

To put it simply, my work is a twist between honest editorial and art. But above all that, what I LOVE is to create a visual story about people. I am for you, your family and your friends. Your day is unique and special. I will be there to capture your big day and bring back memories of the beautiful moments of your life. For me, it’s a privilege to be a witness to such a special day.

I don’t edit or retouch photos heavily. I use my own colour preset, developed over the years to create that “moody” editing style with a touch of the grainy vintage film look. I deliver photos in colour and black and white. The amount of b&w shoots varies between 20% to 40% off the gallery package.

Wedding Day

The Morning

My coverage usually starts 2 hours before the ceremony. For example, if the wedding starts at 1 pm, I’ll be covering preparation from 11 am. I take my time to shoot details, dress and all that what’s happening around during this moment in the least interrupting way.

I usually let myself go as creative as I can to play with light and shadows. I may ask you to move towards a better light in the room once you are ready and dressed if needed but that’s all. Ultimately, I’d like to blend in as much as an invisible man. In reality, that gives you plenty of time to get used to the camera and hopefully see me not much different from one of your guests.

Fiona Dave Morning Preparation 022


This is your and only time. I will not be directing or suggesting anything. I will keep a reasonable distance to not distract you or your guests in that important chapter of your wedding day. Though, focusing on every detail and moment. I must be prepared for every smile, tear, confetti throw in the air. All kind of reactions of your close ones.

As much as your photos are important, in the end, the most important thing is your wedding day and I’ll do my best to ensure the photography part is enjoyable and easy-going.

Fiona Dave Ceremony 213


Right after the wedding ceremony is probably the best time for a “whole group” photo shoot that wedding guests can participate. Also, it is the usual time for family shoots and requested bridal party photos. It should be arranged beforehand to avoid any confusion and let you and your guests sit back and enjoy the party. That’s the moment you’ll be fully aware of the camera, looking straight into the camera. It’ll be the most traditional portraits I’ll be taking during the wedding. But that doesn’t mean they are less important to me as the rest of artistic, candid shots.

During drink reception I’ll be lurking around, capturing emotions and fun time moments. It’s a good time for any additional photoshoot of the other groups of family or your friends.

My photography style
Jennifer Marius Portraits 017

Before dinner or shortly after, depending on the time of the sunset, you shall reserve some time for an intimate portrait session. Sometimes it might be worthwhile skipping extra dessert for the beautiful photos. They will be appreciated for years to come. A session usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes. Just go with the flow and trust your photographer. It also gives you a short and possibly the only break from the wedding guests. I will guide you a little and encourage you to focus on yourselves.

After that it is time for the party! I usually cover from the first dance to supper. It’s a fun part, I love to shoot happy people in dance motion. And, this is the last stage I’ll be with you, Great memories stay, I do hope, as vibrant as photos for years to come.

radoslaw rachwal photography

Radoslaw Rachwal

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Elope. It’s all about you.

Elopement is easy to understand when you flip the coin and re-define why getting married in the first place. It’s all about how do you want to spend your big day together. Your moments should not be forced by what you “have to” do but effortlessly focus on your own needs. Elopement ideas are far from the traditional wedding routine, often seen in distant places, with epic views. Also, sometimes less is more. I love the forest and its connection with nature. But maybe you prefer city elopement? Hiking, getting hair messy, getting dirty boots. Having all available sports activities may not be everyone cup of tea. Now you have to ask yourself, be connected with your partner how you want to spend your day. This definition is what I believe elopement is all about. Look in to like at the open, unwritten book you are about to write a page. Elopement can be super fancy, with a beautiful wedding dress. You get the hassle to climb at some viewpoint, an epic place in Scotland. That’s great if this is what YOU want. Elopement can be in the back of your garden, Glasgow or centre of Edinburgh and be the same beautiful as a day on the Isle of Skye. It’s your story, your connection. Make it unique.