Glencoe Photography Guide

Glencoe Photography Guide -5 Tips for Breathtaking Engagement and Elopement Session

Glencoe Photography Guide: 5 Tips for Breathtaking Engagement and Elopement Sessions

  1. Time of the Year
  2. Plan your day timeline
  3. Wear smart, but keep waterproofs
  4. Famous Glencoe spots or unusual places?
  5. Be respectful to farm and wild animals, leave no trace

1. Time of the Year

When planning your Glencoe photography session, consider the advantages and beauty of each season. While there is no right or wrong season, avoid late July/August due to the presence of bloodthirsty midges. Winter offers a unique opportunity for epic photos with its short days and snowy peaks. Decide if you prefer the green valleys of summer, the golden shades of autumn, or the dramatic grey sky of winter. Embrace the changing background and colors for stunning shots.

Brittney Sean Glencoe 184

2. Plan Your Day Timeline

The first decision to make when planning your Glencoe photography session is choosing the right time of year. Each season in Glencoe offers unique advantages and beauty in the seasonal light. From the vibrant green valleys and majestic mountains in summer to the golden shades of autumn and the snowy peaks of winter, Glencoe’s landscapes transform throughout the year.

While every season has its appeal, it’s essential to consider the practicalities. For instance, late July and August can be marred by the presence of midges, tiny bloodthirsty insects that can spoil your photography session and even your ceremony. If you plan to have your ceremony on higher ground, such as The Study, you should be fine during these months.

If you’re seeking the most dramatic and cinematic photos in this Glencoe Photography Guide, winter might be the ideal season for you. Although days are short and weather conditions can be unpredictable, the stark contrast of snow-capped peaks against moody grey skies creates a stunning backdrop. Winter is also considered the off-season, meaning fewer crowds and more opportunities for intimate and breathtaking shots. Just be sure to dress warmly and embrace the challenging conditions for the most epic photography moments.

Scottish Highlands Winter Engagement Session

Glencoe Photography Guide – Example of engagement session would look like this:

12:00 – Meeting at Kingshouse Hotel Car Park
12:05 – Photography starts at the hotel
12:30 – Back to Rannoch Moor for a few shots
1:30 – Glen Etive road at the waterfall and by Glen Etive Road
2:30 – 3:00 – Head towards Devil’s Staircase Car Park and walk to the white cottage view
3:30 – Three sisters’ view for the sunset (if possible!)
4:00 – Blue hour/after-dark last shots, possibly with white smoke (I may use my car’s beams)
4:15 – Time to say goodbye
Lagangarbh cottage Elopement Ceremony

3. Glencoe Photography Guide – Wear Smart, but Keep Waterproofs

While preparing for your engagement or pre-wedding shoot, keep in mind that dressing smartly can significantly enhance the overall look of your photos. Opt for attire that complements the surroundings and reflects your personal style. Many couples choose to include a Scottish tartan blanket, not only for its warm and natural wool properties but also for its timeless charm in photographs.

Glencoe Photography Guide considers the unpredictable weather all year. It’s crucial to have proper waterproof gear on hand. A sudden rain shower doesn’t have to ruin your session if you come prepared with waterproof clothing and umbrellas. Additionally, wearing a good base layer under your clothes can provide much-needed insulation against the cold without affecting your appearance.

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4. Famous Glencoe spots or unusual places?

Glencoe boasts several iconic spots that are must-haves for any photography session. The rugged beauty of Buachaille Etive Mòr with the Devil’s Staircase in the backdrop or the sweeping vistas from the Three Sisters Viewpoint are just a few examples. However, don’t be afraid to venture off the beaten path and explore lesser-known locations. These hidden gems can provide a unique and special backdrop for your photos, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Glencoe’s beauty is awe-inspiring no matter where you go, so don’t limit yourself to the most popular spots. Consider your photography session as an opportunity to experiment and try something different. Your photographer will be there to guide you and capture those magical moments amidst Glencoe’s stunning landscapes.

Glencoe Photography Guide

5. Be Respectful to Farm and Wild Animals, Leave No Trace

Last but not least in this Glencoe Photography Guide – respect the pristine nature of Glencoe and its wildlife.

As one of Scotland’s most beautiful and iconic destinations, Glencoe attracts visitors from all over the world. It is of utmost importance to preserve the natural beauty of this area for future generations. When exploring Glencoe, be respectful of the wildlife and the environment. Keep a safe distance from wild animals and avoid disturbing them, especially during their mating season.

Remember that Glencoe’s wildlife, including the deer herds and stags, are wild animals, not pets. While they may appear accustomed to humans, it’s essential to treat them with caution and respect. Additionally, follow Leave No Trace principles to minimize your impact on the environment. Dispose of waste properly and avoid leaving any trace of your visit.


In this comprehensive Glencoe Photography Guide, I’ve covered the essential aspects of planning a spectacular engagement or elopement session. From choosing the right season to planning your day’s timeline, dressing smartly, exploring various locations, and showing respect to nature, each element contributes to creating breathtaking and unforgettable photos.

Glencoe’s natural beauty and dramatic landscapes offer an incredible backdrop for capturing your love and connection. Embrace the changing seasons and weather conditions, and let your photographer guide you to the best spots. Remember to have fun and enjoy the experience, as the joy and happiness will shine through in your photos. Cherish the moments spent in Glencoe, and the images will become cherished memories for a lifetime.

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