Dalhousie Castle Wedding

Winter Wonderland – Dalhousie Castle Wedding

Dalhousie Castle Wedding Venue

Experience the magic of a winter wedding at Dalhousie Castle, where 13th-century architecture meets luxurious Christmas decor. Located just 8 miles outside Edinburgh, this enchanting venue is accessible via a quiet, scenic farm road, adding to its allure. The castle’s period finish and secret passages between rooms create an atmosphere of romance and intrigue, making it the perfect setting for a fairytale wedding.

Same-Sex Dalhousie Castle Wedding of Marlee and Nyisha

Marlee and Nyisha’s winter wedding in Scotland was a truly special and unforgettable occasion. The day was filled with romance, emotion, and a touch of quirkiness that perfectly reflected the couple’s personalities. The chilly Scottish weather added a unique charm, especially for the couple and their families who flew all the way from Australia, where it was summertime. The backdrop of frozen white hills, trees, and a clear sky made the scenery look like a scene from a movie, setting the stage for a magical Dalhousie Castle wedding.

Be Inspired by The Dreamy Wedding Brides Look

Both Marlee and Nyisha looked stunning on their wedding day, each showcasing their individual styles. Marlee’s dark hair cascaded gracefully over her embroidered, long-sleeved maxi dress, adorned with delicate golden hairpieces. Nyisha, on the other hand, exuded confidence in her sleeveless, long-tail dress with a high leg split at the front, paired with bold silver Dr. Martens boots – a truly chic and cool choice for a winter wedding. The brides’ nervous anticipation and overflowing happiness added to the charm of the day.

Dalhousie Castle Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony at Dalhousie Castle took place in the chapel, also known as The Gun Room, where humanist ceremonies are conducted. Celebrant Linda Keys from Agnostic Scotland led the light-hearted and heartfelt ceremony. With the low winter sun casting a warm glow through the chapel’s back doors and the picturesque view of the snow-covered landscape outside, the atmosphere was nothing short of magical. Tears of joy mixed with laughter, creating unforgettable and emotional moments.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds were showered with cascades of confetti, a joyful tradition to celebrate the beginning of their new journey together. The enchanting winter sunset provided the perfect backdrop for capturing romantic and intimate moments as the couple cozied up to keep warm in each other’s arms.

Marlee Nyisha Wedding 172

Marlee and Nyisha Dalhousie Castle Wedding Summary

As the Dalhousie Castle wedding day came to an end, it was evident that this was a celebration filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. From emotional parent speeches to heartfelt laughter, the day was a beautiful whirlwind of happiness. The castle’s interiors provided a warm and inviting space for family and intimate portraits, capturing the love and connection between the couple and their loved ones.

With the memories of this remarkable Dalhousie Castle wedding etched in their hearts, Marlee and Nyisha stepped into their happily ever after, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their fairytale love story.

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