Dalhousie Castle Wedding

Winter Wonderland – Dalhousie Castle Wedding

Marlee and Nyisha Same Sex Dalhousie Castle Wedding

There’s something special about weddings in Scotland during winter, just before Christmas. And Marlee and Nyisha’s wedding day was special on so many levels. Romantic, emotional, quirky, and laid back. It was one of the coldest days in the year 2022 in Scotland. It was a bit of a shocking cryogenic therapy for the brides and their families they flew over from Australia. At least most of the wedding guests. As we all know, it’s summertime in Australia. The scenery, with frozen, white hills and trees in the background and a clear sky, and low light on a short day looked like a movie. Dalhousie Castle wedding story starts like a fairy tale.

Dalhousie Castle Venue

Dalhousie Castle wedding venue with Christmas decor and 13th century, refurbished luxury interiors made this wedding day special. Castle is located just 8 miles outside Edinburgh, with a quiet, farm road in the last mile. Castle’s period finish and secret passages between the rooms make this venue special.

Marlee and Nyisha dreamy look

For the wedding look, both girls were different in their style but equally very beautiful. Marlee’s dark hair fell on her arms, with golden hair pieces holding on the sides. Nisha with long, blonde hair tight on the back and a golden crown with green jewel accents. Long sleeve, an embroidered maxi dress was Marlee’s choice while Nyisha went for optimistic if not brave in this winter day sleeveless, long tail dress with high leg split at the front. Although with solid Dr. Martens silver boots. It’s just too cool! Both nervous, and happy, waiting for the ceremony with great anticipation.

Dalhousie Castle Wedding Ceremony

I have already mentioned fairy tales, winter wonderlands, and dreamy weddings. Those very words still echo in my mind. Dalhousie Castle wedding ceremony has taken place in the chapel, which can be also referred to as The Gun Room for humanist ceremonies. The chapel is located on the lower ground, accessible from the main hall. The ceremony was conducted by Linda Keys, celebrant from Agnostic Scotland in a light-hearted, humanist flavor. We met a month before Marlee and Nyisha’s wedding at an LGBT elopement in Edinburgh. I can only praise her as a wonderful celebrant. 

Low sunset light coming through the chapel’s back doors lighted up our faces. White snow outside the window created that extra magic in these beautiful, emotional ceremony moments. Little shed tears of joy were overcome by laughter. Which was the main theme for the rest of the day.

The cascades of confetti welcomed the freshly married couple outside the castle. A must-have on such a beautiful afternoon. Wonderful sunset light created a great opportunity to snap some romantic, cuddling poses. Speaking of cuddling, it was easy without any posing as low temperature made Marlee and Nyisha squeeze close together. Just look at them, it looks like a film!

Marlee Nyisha Wedding 172

We quickly run back to the warm castle’s interiors. The temperature was a bit out of the bride’s comfort zone. I didn’t want to cause any inconvenience to such lovely human beings. I always care for the artistic side of my photography but put more consideration into my couples. They deserve to enjoy their Dalhousie Castle wedding day. At the end of the day, the library was a wonderful place for further family and intimate portrait shoots.

That’s the Dalhousie Castle Wedding came to the end. Not really actually, that’s where my story ends. I left two queens right before dinner. it’s been a wonderful Dalhousie Castle Wedding day from the start to the end. It’s hard to pick the best moments, that would be a long-written fairy tale book story. I loved the emotional parent’s speeches, the laughter, the wedding quickness, the beautiful wedding ceremony, and the cascades of confetti. This is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day.

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