I find it somewhat odd to write about myself. My full name Radoslaw originated from Slavic words “happy” and “glory”. In translation, that means glorifying, spreading happiness. I do like to think my name truly reflects my personality (Which is helpful as being a photographer!) I am originally from Poland. Love Scotland same way as my fatherland. Fell in love with Scottish landscapes, people. I considering Scotland as my home, I tie my present and my future. I am the die-hard romantic soul. My personal goal of creation is that my wedding photography expresses happiness with a twist of melancholy.

My journey through the sea of life

About Rachwal Photography

Fun fact, I’ve left my job behind as a history teacher. History, that big one in books or your family, pass down through generations, are stories about great moments of life. Documenting them in a visual, artistic way is a great privilege.
My adventure with photography begins over a decade ago, in Scotland. I’ve started a career as a graphic designer and later on as a photographer for a large fashion retailer. I know my camera gear inside and out, I have good knowledge know how to work in a fast pace fashion industry with artificial light.
I discovered quickly this is not enough, not quite what I’m looking. I needed to express myself by some art, emotions, feelings. Create something unique, personal. Almost substantial. What could be better than capture happiness, people in love? Make photographs that can be appreciated by couples and families for years and years to come. The best thing in the world. The main reasons why I am in the wedding industry.

I like:

People, my favourite subject. My cat and pets. Then next after bicycles, old bicycles, new bikes, riding bikes, skinny tyres, fat tyres. Outdoors, hiking, Caffe and of course, photography. Small format, large format, film, digital – any medium as long as I can be creative. Passion is my fuel.

I don’t like:

Meat or dairy. Yep, I’m pesky vegan but certainly not a fussy eater. I feel like it makes more sense nowadays. It’s my choice of nutrition. Alright, that was easy one. Not a big fan of politics. Trying to narrow down to a bare minimum. Rule number one – I certainly don’t talk about it.