Glenapp Castle Wedding

Olivia and Daniel Glenapp Castle Wedding

Luxury Glenapp Castle Wedding Venue

It was one of that very Scottish days – rainy and moody. Just two weeks before Christmas. The road to Glenapp Castle was partially flooded due to heavy rain. To me, there is always something magical and mysterious in the rain. Rain doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing for the wedding. Rain is what makes Scotland beautiful and no surprise- very Scottish. Plus, in some eastern cultures rain during the wedding means a long and happy life together. But for the first time, I felt like owning a rugged, all-wheel drive car was a good thing when driven by the west coast, a twisted road leading to the Castle.

Luxury Glenapp Castle Wedding Venue is a five-star hotel located in Ayrshire. It’s one of the hidden gems of South Ayrshire Wedding Venues. on my list.

When I arrived at the venue, the rain still poured down. A big Christmas tree with fairy lights and a magnificent castle in the back welcomed me. Grabbed my camera bag and quickly run to Glenapp Castle wedding venue’s cozy interiors. Christmas decor with fairy lights indicated that Christmas is near. I’ve stopped by the fireplace for a moment. It was nice to warm up by the fire. That kind of little but significant touches made this wedding venue special. 

The long hall led to a very spacious, bright bedroom where the bride and bridesmaids were getting ready. Olivia welcomed with a smile. Olivia’s mum with bridesmaids was looking with anticipation through the window. Dan with the groomsmen was still on the way to the Glenapp Castle Wedding Venue. We knew they will be soon. Just driving slowly with extra caution for the road.
After some time Daniel arrived at his destination. Wearing his traditional Kilt. If I ever make the ranking of the most Scottish weddings, Olivia and Daniel Glenapp Castle Wedding would take the first place. The castle, the rain, the misty day, whisky tasting, traditional kilts, and piper of course – everything screamed Scotland.

It’s always a struggle to write about the highlights of each wedding day. Not because I have nothing to say about it, but because I’m mostly overwhelmed with details I should write about. I could write long sentences about a lovely, long bride’s dress and gorgeous veil, a wonderful, full of laughter ceremony. Hugs, smiles, and gestures I had a chance to capture. Little things like Saint Laurent wedding shoes and Coco Chanel earrings complete the look. And beautiful wedding rings will be put on the bride and groom’s fingers during the ceremony. I am grateful I could capture all the little things and moments that matter.

After beautiful ceremony, we were moved to the glasshouse for the short reception. A fantastic place with fairly lights and plants. Just married couple was welcomed with traditional glass of champagne. The rain didn’t stop. We could hear heavy raindrops hitting the glass roof. Inside glasshouse was nice and cosy. Again, stove and real wood fire was a nice touch to feel relaxed and warm. When wedding guests went back to the main hall, awaiting for the speeches and dinner, we stayed a little bit longer for the intimate portrait photos.

Glenapp Castle Wedding of Olivia and Daniel was like a movie. With two main stars. I loved the glass. personalised miniatures with different movie directors, each on the table. Such a cool touch.

Four tier wedding cake from A Piece of Cake Ayrshire was a true piece of art.

So many great moments, and lots of laughter at the speeches. Everyone had such good fun at Glenapp Castle Wedding! Olivia and Daniel put a lot of effort, along with the staff to make this evening special.

On a side note, I’m glad that film cameras had a great comeback to the weddings. Little Kodak film cameras were circulating among the wedding guests so that everyone could snap some photos. It’s a neat idea to have an analog camera. For those who plan a wedding and are too impatient to wait for photos to be developed, using of instant photos camera might be a better option.

And here my story ends, in cozy, intimate interiors, with crazy wind and rain outside. A cake cutting, the first dance, a true love. Moments that every wedding should have, so similar yet so different and one of a kind.

A quick shootout to the people behind the scenes of Glenapp Castle Wedding Venue.

Special thanks to Heather from Fynefilms for great co-working.

Kathryn Ross – the celebrant

Jennifer Mathieson – Hair

Amy Wright – Makeup Artist

Myrtle & Braken – Florist

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