South Ayrshire Wedding Venue

South Ayrshire Wedding Venues

Glenapp Castle and Dunskey Estate – South Ayrshire Wedding Venues

Are you looking for an intimate Southwest Wedding Venues? In a little bit hidden, a little bit forgot part of Scotland? My first recommendation are South Ayrshire Wedding Venues. Scottish borders on the southwest side are underrated for small wedding venues in Scotland. Being a wedding photographer find it strange. It’s a gorgeous part of the country for the wedding venues. For couples considering eloping, Galloway Forest Park in the centre of the south Scottish Borders is an attractive spot for the ceremony.

By the west coast road, A77, are two gorgeous looking South Ayrshire Wedding Venues. Travelling from Glasgow, first on the A77 road will be Glenapp Castle, second, my favourite one, Dunskey Estate. Both are 5-star luxurious hotels with almost all the services you can ask for. Although Dunskey Estate is more focused on small South Ayrshire Wedding Venues. So instead of trying to get a booking at the most popular weddings in Scotland Gretna Green, consider Ayrshire, far west of the Scottish Borders.

Dunskey Estate South Ayrshire Wedding Venue

Today’s story will be about a small, family wedding venue in Dunskey Estate, surrounded by beautiful, green nature. Perhaps small isn’t the right word for the estate area which is huge! It’s one of the best South Ayrshire Wedding Venues Scotland has to offer. Old trees, flowers, and green fields in the distance. The wedding day took place in mid-May when all flowers and trees were in bloom. Spring and Summer are the most greeny and dry seasons for the South Ayrshire Wedding Venues.

Alastair and Anne, the owners of the Edwardian castle and surroundings were taking great care along with the fantastic, friendly staff. That team of experts will create a memorable stay, tailored to your tastes and executed flawlessly. Whenever you elope or have a family wedding, you and your guests will discover excellence at every level.

Kate and Paul’s fairy tale destination wedding

Kate and Paul travelled with the closest family from the United States to this beautiful place. To be the wife and husband. Both were together for quite a long time, they never rushed things up. At the time, Paul was travelling over Europe, he found Dunskey Estate. By coincidence, or more like one of his business trips lead him to this place. He was amazed at how nice the welcome was here. The staff, the food, quiet forest surrounding seeded a desire to come back. It felt more like a retreat than work. And he fell in love with this place. I can see why. Paul, after back to Chicago, told his partner Kate about a magical place in Scotland. Both decided to have a Destination Wedding in Scotland, in the castle, surrounded by friends and family.

First Look at the Dunskey Estate

The couple wanted a traditional way, getting ready separately with the first look tradition when the groom sees the bride in her wedding dress for the first time. Typically, the morning begins with traditional preparation before the wedding. The bride had a lot of laughs and chat with her friends and family in the make-up room. While Paul took a completely different approach.

For Paul was important to have a peaceful moment, solitary moment in his room. Not to be disturbed even by the wedding photographer. And later on, intimate first look moment before the ceremony. Dunskey Estate has two Lochs nearby. Old and New Loch. It’s about 10 minutes of a peaceful walk to the closer one, The Old Loch. The first look might be a traditional way, very popular in the United States and the UK too. It certainly builds the anticipation and mystery of the bride.

Ceremony in The Green House

After their first look, Katie and Paul walked back to Dunskey Estate’s stunning greenhouse for their ceremony. The groom went first awaiting for her in the greenhouse. The place was decorated with such beautiful plants and cut flowers! The way to the ceremony led through a magical gate and “secret garden”. Just so green and all flowers were in bloom in early May! What a setting for an intimate wedding ceremony!

I loved capturing everyone’s anticipation, later reactions and smiles as Kate made her entrance. Capturing the family and friends’ reactions at the ceremony. Fun and airy. I could feel everyone has such good fun. I think photos capture the atmosphere quite well. Those moments, fleeing by, captured and frozen in the photos. Moments for years to come.

After the first dance which was just a joy to photograph as enjoyable was for just a married young couple, we had a short moment of intimacy and then we headed to the beach for the sunset and the blue hour photography. As the photos showed Dunskey has all. The lochs, forest and the access to the beach and the sea. In the evening the sky cleared up, and the moon show up. It was a blast to have a quiet session with the bride and groom, away from the castle wedding.

The best you can imagine about Destination Wedding in Scotland.

The daylight was almost gone, it was about time to get back to the wedding guests and the ceilidh band for the wild dances and party. And what a party it was! One of my best highlights of this wonderful wedding day. Pictures do reflect how much fun the wedding guests had this night.

My visual story ends here, outside the castle, with sparkles and smiley faces. I’m pretty sure Katie and Paul had a blast dancing all night. Dance full of joy, full of life. I could not imagine a better night, the better venue, the better people. As for the guests, they came a long way from America for their destination wedding in Scotland. I’m pretty sure it felt like a special holiday for them. Here’s a South Ayrshire Wedding Venue for you if you planing a wedding in Scotland.

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