Dunskey Estate Wedding

Intimate Dunskey Estate Wedding of Katie and Dominic

Intimate, emotional Dunskey Estate wedding day.

It’s a story about a small, family wedding. Katie and Dominic decided to have a destination wedding venue. They went on a trip from the United States to wild and mystic Scotland for them. Their choice was an impressive and luxurious Dunskey Estate, one of South Ayrshire Wedding Venues. It was late September. Leaves just started to get that beautiful yellow and orange colour tint, looking spectacular in the early autumn sun. Katie and Dominic couldn’t choose a better time of the year for the wedding. And the day was nothing that you could expect from moody Scotland. A beautiful, clear sky without any clouds. That’s not happening too often in Scotland, especially on the West Coast.

The Morning at Dunskey Estate

Not a typical morning at Dunskey Estate Wedding day. At least for the groom! Dominic was chilling with the range gun, practicing shooting with groomsmen. Pretty cool activity to start your wedding day! Katie was a bit more conventional, getting hair and makeup ready in one of many rooms in Dunskey Estate. I was wandering around, checking the ceremony spot, which – spoil alert, was spectacular. Hidden in the garden, five minutes walking distance from the Estate building. Long, low-hanging tree branches, beautiful fresh flower decorations. On the way to the bride’s makeup and hair room, I met her grandmother, in one of the large rooms, enjoying the day, waiting for her beloved granddaughter’s wedding moment.

The first touch

One of the interesting highlights of Katie and Dominic’s intimate Dunskey Estate Wedding was the first touch moment. It’s a first look alike except the bride and groom can’t see each other. Dominic wanted to see his love walking down the aisle at the wedding ceremony. Lovers only can use touch, the best way to arrange is to get them separated by the partially open doors. And it was a very intimate, literally “touching” moment.

Dunskey Estate Wedding Ceremony

There are moments in life that stay in my mind fresh for a long time. Autumn Dunskey Estate Wedding ceremony of Katie and Dominic in the garden was one of the biggest highlights from the past year. If I could use only one word to describe the ceremony moments, it would be “perfect”. There are no other words. The light, the flowers, and the location how beautiful were speeches and wows – just perfection. After the ceremony was a time for hugs and congratulations. Tiny tears, touching moments. That feeling, deep down inside, that I’m capturing really meaningful photography for a lifetime.

After the wedding portrait session of my happy couple, it was time for speeches and dinner. But let’s stop before that and admire the dining room decorations. Full of candle lights, big windows, and a classy interior. The theme of the night – books. Katie and Dominic are keen book readers. Each table had a quote about love, taken from their favorite writers. One of the classiest and most luxurious venues – hands down. Alastair and Anne, the owners of Dunskey Estate wedding venue with absolutely top-notch, friendly staff nailed it.

The first dance started… well with the groom dancing with the bride’s dad. One of the first surprises for the laughs. But quickly replaced by Katie to join for a second but first dance the married couple. Then ceilidh dances, which is always fun when no one knows a thing about it! The simple, one-tier cake was really classy. The couple cut in the short brake between dances and – another big surprise for the guests, fireworks.
I left them still buzzed, having a lot of fun and good moments on the dance floor. The party was still going on till the morning. One of my favorite days at Dunskey Estate wedding venue.

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