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Nethybridge Hotel – Cairngorms Wedding Photography

Hailey and Drew Cairngorms Wedding Photography in Nethybridge Hotel.

Cairngorms is one of the wild, beautiful areas in Scotland that will always have a soft spot in my heart. Every time I have an inquiry from this part of Scotland I’m getting overly excited about Cairngorms Wedding Photography. Hailey and Drew’s wedding day was no exception. Wonderfully set in the rural village Nethybridge Hotel is a perfect base for a Cairngorms National Park getaway, with beautiful lochs and mountain backdrops. 

The nearest Loch Garten is in my opinion one of the most beautiful spots for a Cairngorms Wedding Photography session. Located just 5 mile or 10-minute drive from the Hotel. Also very beautiful is Loch an Eilein by the forest of Rothiemurchus, located about 30 minutes drive from Nethybridge Hotel, but Loch Garten is rawer and natural with easier access to the bank over a beautiful forest walk. But we’ll get to that later on, let’s focus on the morning of that wonderful Hailey and Drew wedding day.

It was one of those late autumn days in Scotland, full of low-light sun and golden leaves. I met Hailey first, in her room, getting ready, and writing the last words for Drew. Holly Shit, we are getting married today! That made me giggle a little. Drew was running in the hall, getting the last bits and pieces sorted before the ceremony, welcoming and hugging the first wedding guests.

If I could use only one word describing Hailey and Drew’s wedding day what would be “happiness” A main theme for the whole day. They were just wonderful humans, with that lightweight attitude, to not take life too seriously.

After the wonderful ceremony at Nethybridge Hotel and the confetti throw, we went for a refreshing forest walk towards mentioned Loch Garten and Cairngorms Wedding Photography portrait session. Even then, the only moment they weren’t laughing, smiling, or giggling was the moment when they were kissing.

The Autumn light was amazing. Soft and flattering. Cairngorms National Park newer disappoints with their natural beauty. As beautiful as Hailey’s long tail dress and fresh flower headpiece and wedding bouquet, meticulously crafted by a talented florist from Flos Flowers in Inverness.

That short break from the laugh didn’t last for long. We came back to the hotel for cake cutting and speeches. And then it started. God, I love speeches at Scottish Weddings. There’s almost no match for the Scottish taste of humor. Sometimes I feel like it’s the nation with the most sense of humor and every Scotts is a natural-born stand-up comedy star. And I’m not even kidding this time. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the day.

To not go too deep into the detail of the speeches, words don’t matter. Enough to say that everyone just lost it. Tears of laughing pants off. Even I had a hard time keeping my camera straight and not rolling over the floor with laughter. Pretty tough moments as the Cairngorms Wedding Photography job!

Cairngorms Wedding Photography sunset day session by the Nethybridge Hotel. Autumn, flattening light and orange leaf trees. And never stop smiling Hailey and Drew.

To wrap it up, Hailey and Drew’s wedding was just a dream wedding for me as a photographer. I don’t want to go into too much detail, as you can tell the documentary footage is mainly laughs. Going back in time, and reviewing all that images, I remember how upbeat, the bright day it was. Ceilidh dances were part of the day I loved to document. Same with the photo booth from Betty Booth! Even I had fun with it at the end of the day. Check them out, the selection of props is fantastic, and a great addition for your wedding guests. It certainly matched the fun day of Hailey and Drew!

Long way back home for me as I am Glasgow Based Wedding Photographer. But good vibes were keeping me awake when I hit the road at late night.

Suppliers and people behind the scene I had a pleasure to work with

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