Aberdeenshire Wedding Photographer

Aberdeenshire Wedding Photographer

Aberdeenshire Wedding Photographer – Leanne and Adam’s wedding in Ellon

Aberdeenshire Wedding Photographers, shootout for you. What I’ve learned about this wedding? Never underestimate venues and people. Always expect the good things about them. So the story behind this Aberdeenshire Wedding in Ellon, is that I never met Leanne or Adam over video chat. I usually have a video chat meeting with my couples to discuss details and let them know a bit better. This time it didn’t happen for whatever reason. As a result, I had no idea what to expect from a wedding venue in the pub and hotel New Inn. Spoiler alert – it was one of my top wedding moments! The small, touchy details, wonderful wedding guests and wild party night. As for the Glasgow Wedding Photographer, it’s a long drive. Over four hours to be more precise, but well worth it!

Wedding venues in Aberdeenshire are usually fancy, old castles like a splendid Drumtochty Caste I had the pleasure of documenting Aberdeenshire weddings. New Inn Hotel was… humble. A hotel with rooms and a wedding ceremony chamber upstairs and a pub downstairs. Humble yet so tasty and meaningful in the details! Small touches like Halloweny decor, SSPCA (Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) badges, and cardboard dog pupil (Leanne’s strained dog rescue). I knew from the start I am in good company. Ellon is located about half an hour from Aberdeen, following A90 road. The town certainly has its charm with the beautiful Ellon Castle Garden.

I arrived in the morning at Leanne’s parent’s house. The bride and the bridesmaids were just getting ready with make-up and hair. Leanne’s dad opened champagne. Everyone was in the good mood. Then I drove to the wedding venue, which was just five minutes drive from home. Adam was waiting for the wedding guests and, obviously for the wedding itself. When I met him, he was really stressed about his big day.

The Ceremony

The ceremony was very Scottish, cheeky humour style. As mentioned before, cardboard dogs as their pupil wouldn’t handle such an amount of guests at the wedding ceremony. and Irn-Bru instead of whisky. Leanne was looking stunning in her wedding dress.

Ellon Castle Garden

After the wedding ceremony, we took a short walk. The Castle Garden was just a five minutes walk from the Hotel. The gardens were fantastic with the big trees, lovely walk patch and green scenery.

Laid-back, relaxed reception.

Aberdeenshire Wedding Photographer would have so much fun here. Really, the speeches and the party were amazing! I was witnessing one of the best stand-up comedies when the groom and the best man had their speeches. And the dance night! Oh, what it was. No ceilidh dances this time but good, old rock played all night long. Absolutely crazy night. One of the happiest moments I ever captured.

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