Scottish Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Glencoe Elopement – Scottish Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Scottish Intimate Wedding Ceremony at Glencoe Lochan

Discover the Perfect Venue for Your Scottish Intimate Wedding Ceremony

Shanine and Daniel were looking for a woodland and loch Scottish Intimate Wedding Ceremony with easy access for the child’s buggy. They wanted their little son to be present at the ceremony. There’s no better spot for a Scottish Intimate Wedding Ceremony than Glencoe Lochan in the area. The walking trails are generally accessible for most people, although some sections may be uneven or have gentle inclines.

Embrace Scottish Intimate Wedding Ceremony Traditions

The ceremony was conducted by the wonderful Gail Brack from Humanist Society Scotland. She’s always cheerful, very helpful, and a professional celebrant, I can’t praise her enough. 

Shanine and Dan went for a couple of Scottish intimate wedding ceremony traditions:

Oathing Stone Tradition

The Oathing Stone tradition involves the couple placing their hands upon a stone while making their vows. It symbolizes the solidity and endurance of their commitment. The stone can be a family heirloom or a special stone chosen for this purpose.


Handfasting is an ancient Celtic tradition where the couple’s hands are tied together with ribbons or cords, symbolizing their commitment and unity. It can be included as a part of the wedding ceremony, usually after the exchange of vows or rings. At this beautiful ceremony, it was the traditional tartan scarf that Shanine and Daniel used to tie the knot together.

Experience the Tranquility of Glencoe Lochan

Glencoe Lochan was very quiet at the ceremony time with beautiful water reflections. The usual spot was a little pier on the loch where the ceremony is performed. It’s just a perfect spot for an elopement or an intimate, small family group wedding.

Celebrate Your Love in the Breathtaking Scottish Landscape

The natural beauty of Glencoe Lochan offers a stunning natural backdrop, providing a picturesque setting for your wedding ceremony. The reflective lochan, surrounded by woodlands and mountains, creates a visually captivating atmosphere

Plan Your Scottish Intimate Wedding Ceremony with Care

It’s good practice to plan your Scottish Intimate Wedding Ceremony or elopement. Take into consideration some drawbacks, The Scottish Highlands are known for:

Unpredictable weather can be a potential challenge when planning an outdoor wedding ceremony at Glencoe Lochan. Rain, wind, or other adverse weather conditions could impact the event. In the case of Shanine and Daniel, lack of wind and rain was an actual problem. Because of summer quiet days, midges can be annoying so make sure you have some good anti-insect spray for the ceremony time.

After the ceremony and a few quick portraits, we went for a little wandering in the highlands, finding some iconic Glencoe spots for photography with breathtaking backdrops. Continuing our day without Shanine and Daniel’s little son, collected by one of the family members at the Glencoe Lochan Car Park. And there were utterly epic moments to be remembered!

Create an Intimate and Romantic Ambiance

The tranquil surroundings of Glencoe contribute to an intimate and romantic atmosphere. The peacefulness of the location can enhance the emotional experience of celebrating

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