Crear – One of a kind Wedding Venue in Scotland

Crear Weddings – A dream Location for Wedding Venue in Scotland

Remotely located Wedding Venue in Scotland, Crear Weddings is at the essence of the Scottish Landscape. It has all. From sandy beaches to typical Scottish hills with mountains in the distance. Idyllic fields with sheep and Scottish Cattle almost scream “This is Scotland!”. It’s the first thing you’ll notice upon arrival. It’s a very peaceful place with just a single file, a quiet farm road. And it’s only a starter for your one-of-a-kind, Scottish-vibe wedding experience. On top of that, it won’t cost you arm and leg to spend on your wedding day.

Speaking of sandy beaches, it’s a wedding photographer’s dream place. With plenty of good light, rocks, and old tomb/chapel ruins. The wind at the seaside adds drama to the wedding photos. Messy hair and waving, long dress always looks good in the frames, although some brides may beg to differ about messy hair. It’s a minor inconvenience to make shoots look good.

Ceremony at Crear

For the ceremony spots, Crear offers couple of options. On nice, dry days, ceremonies can be conducted in the backyard of the House and Studio space. But nothing stops you to have a beach wedding ceremony if you fancy this option! Just bear in mind the fact, that weather change quickly in Scotland. If you get caught by the rain it’s a long way back to the shelter! On moody, rainy days Crear offers generous space in the Studio with a glass wall offering the same fantastic view as an outdoor ceremony spot. Later at night, Studio space can be easily changed to a dining and dance space for the wedding guests.

Crear offers all sorts of hospitality for the wedding, including local piper Iain Campbell. I strongly encourage you to have him at your wedding. He’s not only a talented, genuine man, but also one of the nicest humans I have met. He and the sound of his pipes will lead you in the right direction.

Dinner and later Celebration

Wedding venue in Scotland offers all sorts of dishes including gluten-free and vegan options. Also is worth mentioning, full catering including breakfast and after wedding meal. Although all are super delicious, it’s worth skip or save for later dessert during dinner and pop outside for some spectacular photos by the sunset. Sunsets depending on the time of the year so during longer, summer days, photography session will be after dinner.

Wedding venue in Scotland wouldn’t be complete without Ceilidh dances. Crear can arrange this too. It’s always fun! If you aren’t Scottish and not familiar with traditional dances, fear not – there’s always helpful guide from the band members. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s a part of the fun!

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Wedding nights can be really atmospheric. With candlelights, Ceilidh music from a live band, and breathtaking, often dramatic sky view over the mountains. At Crear wedding venue in Scotland, you can relax and enjoy your wedding day with your close ones. Remotely from the city, with the only farm in the distance. I would always pick this kind of experience over the wedding in the city for the true wedding venue in Scotland.

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