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Planning elopement or small wedding on Skye?

Handpicked Isle of Skye wedding locations.

As a wedding and elopement photographer, I can honestly say that Skye in the highlands is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Skye elopement locations have staggering views, full of raw scenery. The isle of Skye wedding photography is full of backdrops with natural rock formations, castle ruins, waterfalls, and natural beauty spots that everyone in their lifetime should visit once. How to plan your dream Isle of Skye wedding? Here’s how perfectly run your elopement day.

The best Isle of Skye wedding venues

House of Juniper – House Hotel

For the Isle of Skye wedding, new on the map House of Juniper accommodation offers luxury hotel rooms or, if you fancy a luxurious cabin, Juniper also has that option. Located in Broadford, northeast of Skye. One hour drive to Quiraing and 45 minutes to Old Man Storr. The town has a few shops and a petrol station, all you need to replenish your supplies.

Dunscaith Castle – The Ceremony spot

The ruined castle is a hidden gem, adored by Isle of Skye wedding photographers. Dunscaith Castle is located at the south of the isle, farm road drives with lovely isle country view all around. Castle sits just at the shore near Tokavaig. Drive from Broadford should take less than 30 minutes and the walk takes 10 minutes to the ruins. Surrounding cliffs and loch’s shoreline give opportunities for beautiful wedding photography shoots.

Old Man Storr and Quiraing

If you are an adventurous couple, don’t miss out on Old Man Storr when planning the Isle of Skye wedding. The most famous walk. Also the busiest one. The early hike is highly recommended due to the limited car park space located by the main road. The walking path is easily accessible from the car park and takes about 45 minutes to the top without stopping. The walking path isn’t too difficult however rather steep. Good outdoor shoes are highly recommended. Wearing fancy wedding shoes is the big no-no.

Old Storr Elopement

The view from the top of Old Man Storr is like nothing else you have seen before. The landscape is from another planet. On a clear day, views are spectacular, reaching out beyond the mainland.

Quiraing is fantastic for an Isle of Skye wedding spot. A great place for photography and hiking too. The path can be muddy, especially at the beginning of the walk. The good news is, you don’t have to walk too far from the car park for the amazing landscape view.

How to Get there? If you are planning to drive directly to Quiraing, take the junction to A87 road from Portree, by Uig and Fairy pools. Drive from the road by The Storr and Staffin is steep with narrow hairpins, better for descending than climbing.

The Old Storr and Quiraing are iconic places to go if you have an Isle of Skye wedding. That said, the whole island is pretty spectacular with raw, beautiful backdrops whenever you turn. Heck, even stopping by the main road, walk a few steps to find amazing spots. Have a picnic on a good day.

Can you get married on the Isle of Skye?

That’s the most common question asked by foreign couples aiming to get married on the Isle of Skye. And the general answer is of course yes. Scottish law makes it fairly easy for couples willing to be married outdoors. That said, check the required documents and if you need a marriage visa.

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All that legal steps are important. Once you get over it, last but not least (or equally important) would be the photographer who will capture the beauty of the Isle of Skye’s wedding.

Isle of Skye wedding packages cost

How much does Isle of Skye’s wedding cost? It’s a subjective question. It all depends on your budget. Isle of Skye packages including elopement and wedding photography should close in £5k – £8k in lower scale brackets. The large budget takes photography or videography. Photographer will be your best buddy for a day. Your witness too (sometimes literally, at the ceremony). The photographer becomes the most important person at your wedding along with the celebrant. The ceremony will last from 30 minutes to 1 hour top, depending on your vows. The rest of your elopement you will spend with the photographer. A person who not only will take photos but also provide expertise on where to go and what you should do.

Also, You can opt-out of one of the Scottish elopement planners.
My recommendations are Wild Heart Elopements and Ella Mai Elopements.

Everything else you should know about Isle of Skye wedding day

  • Have a backup plan. Skye is a relatively small area island placed up north of the Highland. That means strong wind and unpredictable weather days. Depending on the time of the year you can face torrential rain or snow blizzard. If your elopement wedding day plan involves long hiking or boat trip, always have a plan B. Especially for the latter, as boat trips can be cancelled for security reasons.
  • Wear or have extra waterproofs. Waterproof hiking shoes will keep you relatively comfy, even when your clothes are wet. In the worse case, wellies would be a great option too. Thick tartan Scottish blankets will be looking great instead of waterproof jackets, have jackets in the bag as a backup though.
  • Wedding dress. Boho styled, crochet dress surely will look beautiful but be sure it has that extra layer underneath to prevent the ice-cold wind. Also, be prepared to get dirty. 99% chance you’ll get through mud or wet walk path in your wedding dress.
  • Have a good time. I know it seems obvious. However, the whole point of an intimate Isle of Skye wedding is to have a relaxed time and connection with the great outdoor nature. It can be easily lost when you stress out too much about formalities.
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