Intimate Wedding Glasgow

Intimate Wedding Glasgow – West End City Vibe

Intimate Wedding Glasgow – Hotel du Vin

What are the best intimate wedding Glasgow venues? Most venues are designed for the bigger wedding events, like a fantastic Òran Mór. However, just a few focus on small, intimate family weddings. I believe Bess and Rob choose one of the best venues for the stay, morning preparation, ceremony and later celebrations. Bride and groom with a small family and friends group split between beautiful, luxury Hotel du Vin and near, close to famous Byres Road – The Bothy Glasgow wedding venue for the dinner night. The wedding day was in the quiet, winter season in January 2022. That’s what the bride, groom and rest of the family just aimed for.

As of January 2022, the world slowly started putting pandemics into history. That said, masks were still mandatory. The bride’s family has Scottish roots and comes from Glasgow. The couple lives in the south of England, although the rest of the family is scattered all over the globe. Bess’s mum came from Australia to witness their children’s wedding in Glasgow. It was a nice refresh to see this city after many years. Hotel du Vin’s friendly staff did superb work decorating the intimate wedding Glasgow ceremony room with lots of dry petals and candle lights. A cosy fireplace with wood was a nice addition to the intimate wedding vibe. A very tasteful, not flashy wedding ceremony

Humble Wedding Ceremony

The bride and her fiancé wanted Glasgow’s small intimate wedding ceremony. And the ceremony was humble but also full of emotions. The visual story can tell more than hundreds of words. I can’t praise enough, how beautifully simple, but classy everything looked starting from the bride’s ascetic, simple sleeveless dress. These are the images that fill an intimate wedding Glasgow with emotion. The images to look back on them for years to come.

It’s NOT always sunny at the Wedding in Glasgow

We were lucky this time. It’s rare to be sunny in Glasgow during the winter. The west coast of Scotland is usually dark and gloomy. That said, low dramatic sky and rain can be beautiful too. But for now, we enjoyed the sunrays and exceptional weather in Glasgow. I took them out for a short walk to the garden and the West End streets of Glasgow, taking photos by the Hotel du Vin. They were so happy to be in Scotland! Just married, full of joy young couple feeling. We all had great fun walking in the incredible happy sunny vibe.

Top tip: As long as you don’t be serious about your wedding photo session and focus on your partner, I can guarantee, that the photos will come out great!

Big, old windows – the magic happens

Nonetheless, it was still winter, the beginning of January. We didn’t stay for too long outside and headed back to the amazing interiors of Hotel du Vin.

Another top tip: Trust your photographer. You choose him to be your third wheel on probably the most important day of your life. For most wedding photographers, it’s not the only job. It’s a passion, we often breathe with photography. Trust him when he says let’s go now. Trust him when he’ll leave you alone, with your partner and suddenly stop talking dad’s jokes. With a little bit of luck and nice light through the vintage window, magic can happen.

Perfect Intimate Wedding Glasgow Reception – The Bothy Glasgow

The Bothy in Glasgow offer all inclusive small wedding packages Scotland. The reception is perfect for intimate venues. Located about a half-mile from Hotel, it’s a convenient space to go for later celebrations and dinner. On the warm days, you can even walk, otherwise, I would suggest ordering a taxi cab. Parking is an issue as you may expect in usual busy places like Byres Road. The Bothy restaurant is located at Ruthven Lane, and it’s a kind of extension of another popular place in Glasgow, Ashton Lane. Just have a look for yourself, at how gorgeous, the Scottish Highland vibe the venue has for Intimate Wedding Glasgow is.

I leave the rest of the Bess and Rob’s wedding day a little bit untold, a little bit of the mystery. I own that to them. I also hope you’ll find this article helpful if you looking for small wedding venues Glasgow city centre.

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