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Bristol Wedding Photographer – Victoria and Robert

Bristol Wedding Photographer, huh?

No, not really. But I’m so happy Rob and Vic choose me, a die-hard Glaswegian over an actual Bristol wedding photographer or any local photographer. I’m sure there are many talented ones around. This city was always on my bucket list. Plus, at the end of the day traveling is a big part of my photography adventure. (I always keep saying it’s not just a job). Not even Bristol as such attracted me. After an initial chat with Victoria and Robert over Zoom, talking about they’s wedding day plans, I felt it’s going to be a great day. With this couple, I would go anywhere to capture they’s wedding. I love to photograph happy, true people. I wasn’t mistaken, Vic and Rob were the sweetest couples on the planet on the wedding day. So, I didn’t mind being a Bristol wedding photographer just for a short time.

I’ve arrived a day before the wedding. I went out roaming and discovering the city a little bit. Many young, happy people in the pubs and streets partying like a pandemic never happened. It was a nice, warm feeling inside. Like warm was that night on arrival. The next day was the big day – the wedding. Bristol reminded me of a tiny London a little bit. Very English architecture but everywhere I went was so close. The ceremony was about to happen in Greek Orthodox Church and Community. I must say it was my first time photographing an Orthodox Greek wedding. So I was a bit worried about how it’s going to be with restrictions. Even the groom stated in the wedding questionnaire there are no restrictions. And yes, the ceremony was so easygoing! Fr. Anastasios, the priest was also such a warm-hearted, helpful man! Also, the church itself was incredibly beautiful. Not too big, with beautiful, gold light.

The gorgeous bride, Victoria arrived. In long, silver wedding dress and veil. Her dad provided and supported her through the whole ceremony as per Orthodox Greek Church’s old tradition. The ceremony itself was beautiful. The anticipation and nervousness went away when Victoria and Robert saw each other when standing by the altar. I’ve noticed quite often is the case when couples understand each other and support. It’s incredible how two separate human beings become so close that the whole world disappears.

To not be completely ignorant, I’ve read how Orthodox Greek Ceremony would look. After several longer prayers, the priest places crowns on the heads of the bride and the groom. This sacrament is called Crowning and is considered more important than exchanging wedding rings. The couple also shares a cup of wine and follows the priest three times around the lectern to symbolize their journey into married life.

After the ceremony, hugs and congratulations, the vintage bus arrived. The just-married couple, all wedding guests and me were ready for the journey. The trip route was over the city and three bridges. It’s an old Russian tradition to take a tour either as a couple or with family and friends and pay a visit to historical places. So we all went for that nostalgic bus journey with the ticket man welcoming us at the bus entry.

On the way, we’ve stopped by the iconic Clifton Observatory. A former mill with a view over Clifton Suspension Bridge. And then, magic happened. Real magic. A couple forgot about the busy day, focusing on each other. After a rather dull day, the Autumn sun came out of the clouds. All bits and pieces just come together to create epic portraits of those two. They were so relaxed! Just wonderful moments.

After an epic bus journey with all the wedding guests, we arrived back to the city centre. The reception took place in Hotel Marriott. Lovely place to have a reception venue. The speeches were so touching and funny! The groomsmen were so hilarious that even I and the video cameraman couldn’t stop laughing. Wonderful night.

To witness and document Victoria and Robert’s wedding day was a great experience. To see them together, looking at how they look after each other. And I know organizing a wedding is not easy. You have to squeeze in between a tight day schedule and make your guests happy. But for that reason only, it was great to be Bristol Wedding Photographer just for that one day. Also, hats off to Vic and Rob who made this beautiful wedding happen in only a few months period of time.

People and places behind the scenes:

Videographers: Lavanov Production

Vintage Bus: Crosville Vintage

Ceremony: Greek Orthodox Church and Community

Reception Hotel: Marriott

MUA: Zicaos MUA Bristol

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