Victoria and Steven decided to formalize their long-term relationship, by celebrating their wedding at the 10 Hotel in Glasgow. The venue was beautifully placed at the Southside of Glasgow and seemed to be ideal for the small group of family and friends’ wedding ceremony. As for Glasgow Wedding Photographer, the venue was quite local to me which was a bit beneficial. knew when we first met at the consultation Victoria and Steven are such nice souls. You know, it clicks between us. One of the first words from Steven was “we want to our photographer feel good and be one of our wedding guests. A good relationship with my wonderful customers is as important as my professional approach to my work.

With Victoria’s background in art – she’s an art teacher and very skilful in art craft. Victoria designed most of the decorations for they’s wedding which I found really beautiful. So finding the right Glasgow Wedding Photographer was important to both Victoria and Steven. They wanted their photos to be more like the documentary style but also fine art family and portrait shoots.

As expected, I had a blast being a Glasgow Wedding Photographer on the day. The venue date was set for the third of July 2021, and let’s say the weather was very temperamental but about that maybe later on. As much as Bride and Groom were lovely persons I can say exactly the same about their parents and friends. Just feels good to be around them.

Wedding Photographers apart from documentary photos must consider how important family and friends photos are. That’s a traditional form of photography. As much as I love to photograph candid shots, I also adore staged, formal family portraits. I paid a lot of attention to them to make them look as good as I can. I chose a spot with the right light and background. My goal was to make the right composition.

Unfortunately, I needed to be quick with outdoor shooting as moody weather spoiled the day a little bit. Then again, it’s Scotland and we all considered that could happen eventually. The rain was super intense, turning streets into rivers.

That’s how the rest of the evening vent. Escaping from heavy rain, hiding in the 10 Hotel lovely interiors, snapping photos. Luckily we even managed to get a smoke bomb photoshoot at the skate park close to 10 Hotel in Glasgow. Victoria and Steven. I’m so happy they choose me as a Glasgow Wedding Photographer. My friends as I can call them.