Calton Hill Edinburgh Wedding

Beautiful Edinburgh Wedding – Jenny and Velichko

Beautiful Edinburgh wedding – Jenny and Velitchko decided to get married on the 22nd of July in St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in the heart of Edinburgh. A tiny wedding with the companion of Jenny and Velichko closest friends and family has taken place just afternoon in a quiet catholic church on the busy street of Edinburgh. What I love about the Capital of Scotland is that you can have all. Wandering in the urban concrete jungle or just a few steps away, enjoy green grass, trees, and a panorama view from Calton Hill.

I must admit, church weddings have their own unique charm and St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral is no exception. Opened at the beginning of the 19th-century cathedral is erected in a neo-gothic architectural style.

Most of Jenny’s family stays in Syria and Velichko’s family is from Bulgaria. Understandably in this day and age travelling is just plain difficult. But the couple couldn’t wait any longer, who knows when the world will be finally free from covid and we all will be able to travel freely. But bride and groom promised that they will make a big, fat after-party for everyone they know and want to be.

After a short ceremony and congratulations, we headed to Carlton Hill, a favourite spot for locals and visitors with historical monuments and great views over Edinburgh’s panorama city and hills of Holyrood Park.

At this beautiful Edinburgh Wedding, how classy and nice looks is that white flower bouquet from branch and bramble? I think it goes well with the simplicity of Jenny’s simplicity of wedding dress. 

I always enjoy the Edinburgh vibe. There’s something special about Calton Hill. That mix of historical monuments and green, natural reserves with wild patches in between. And all of that in almost city centre.

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