Camusdarach Beach Wedding done right by Katie and Naill

Scotland is a country where beach wedding isn’t common to make happen. However, I found at least 8 Reasons To Have a beach wedding in Scotland.

Katie and Niall, a laidback couple put a lot of effort to make their wedding ceremony and later celebrations happen on Camusdarach Beach. Decorations, chairs, all accommodation for them and all wedding guests including me, the photographer. They even created their website dedicated to a wedding with all guides and timelines for the day. The Beach wedding was organised so well by Katie, Niall and with little help from parents and friends, I’m not sure any wedding planner could top it. However, Katie and Niall started planning a wedding way, way ahead.

My top reasons to have a Beach Wedding in Scotland

1. Because you can

Well, if you’d like to have an outdoor wedding in England, too bad as obscure law require a solid roof to have a wedding. This law is about to change, but at the moment I’m writing this blog, it’s not allowed. In Scotland, you can have your wedding pretty much anywhere.

wedding ceremony beach 162

2. Save some expenses

A Beach wedding can be done on the budget but doesn’t mean cheap by any means. It requires some effort to organise all small bits and pieces. It can be cheaper as the beach is allowed for everyone. And this is what the bride and groom did. They crafted all by themselves except later reception and food.

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3. Midges – nae bother!

These little creatures are a plague, especially in the west part of the Highlands. Midges can spoil your wedding day in summer if you have a ceremony at the quiet valley with a loch and forest close by.
Beach is an open space with nice breeze wind, midges don’t like it.

4. Camusdarach Beach is plain beautiful

It could look like somewhere in the Maldives due to white, fine sand and emerald sea colour. Certainly can be mistaken about location on a nice, sunny day. Camusdarach beach isn’t the only one at West Highland shore to organise the wedding ceremony.

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5. Scottish Beaches are usually quiet

Northwest Scottish beaches are remote, less touristy places, even in a busy timeline-like summer. It’s an advantage over some other well regarded by visitors places. You certainly don’t want many a group of tourist passing by and distracting your wedding ceremony. That said, it’s a public space, owners with dogs or random locals could attend your wedding.

6. It’s fun!

Wedding guests can do some sporty activities, play team games like rugby, baseball or beachball, whatever float your boat. Beach offer unlimited space for any sport.

7. It’s romantic

Imagine the sound of the waves, the wind in your hair, the view of the north ocean. Beach weddings are different from the usual wedding day taking place in the church and hosting later reception and celebration at some hotel. You have an open sky, for you. I find it certainly romantic for laid-back, easygoing and adventure couples.

8. You can dip toes in the sand

Last but not least, that moment when you can finally get relaxed, how nice it feels when dipping your toes in the sand. By the late celebration with a bonfire close to your feet. Or go for bare feet at the ceremony.

All great, but are there any drawbacks?

  • A backup plan is a must. I’ve mentioned before some beaches in Scotland can be mistaken for some exotic, hot places by the ocean in photos. Don’t be fooled by that. Unlike in the Maldives, you can’t have perfect weather guaranteed. Be prepared for some summer showers, in the worst-case scenario have a backup place with a roof for you and your wedding guests. Another option would be to ask or buy umbrellas for everyone.
  • Not everyone likes gambling against Scottish weather. But that applies to any outdoor wedding. If you are a relaxed, adventurous couple who love the outdoors, want something different and willing to put that extra hassle into planning a beach wedding could be a good option. Just make sure to give yourself enough time to organise everything.

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