Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding Photographer

Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding

Elizabeth and Remi’s intimate Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding.

Ceremony – City Cambers
Reception and Stay – Murrayfield Hotel
Florist – Charmed Floristree of Edinburgh
Dress – Bliss Gown
Makeup – The Madeup Team
Wedding Cake – Cuckoos Bakery

Scotland’s capital is a city with a lot of diversity. On the one hand, very vibrant, with an old town always filled with foreign visitors and tourists from all over the world (At least in pre-pandemic times). On the other, once you take off the busy streets, full of charm with narrow alleys and quiet spots. I’m no wonder Elizabeth and Remi picked this place to get married. And same like cosmopolitan, vibrant Edinburgh is, same international couple and wedding guests were. So the couple. To be a part of Elizabeth and Remi Edinburgh City Chambers wedding, guests arrived from the United States, France and Poland. A young couple with family and friends stayed at Murrayfield Hotel, a cosy, charming place on the west side of the city. About 20 minutes drive to Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding in the heavy traffic.

As the cosmopolitan couple in a cosmopolitan city, Elizabeth is Polish, Remi was born in Scotland. Remi has French roots has friends from all over the world.
Guests arrived at the Edinburgh City Chambers wedding registry around 1 pm, when the Old City of Edinburgh started to be busy. Local coffee shops and restaurants slowly filled with hungry tourists and locals as it was a perfect time for lunch.
Edinburgh City Chambers wedding ceremony was humble. No-fuss quiet event. Intimate like a micro wedding should be. Best man Dries arrived straight from Belgium. He had some issues with his flight the day before. Luckily, just in time to fill in the registration document before the wedding! Meanwhile, Elizabeth was waiting in the signature room with all that anticipation and nervousness.

Despite busy afternoon, although still reasonably quiet. Bride and Groom picked the mid-week was a good decision. Edinburgh Old Town can be crowded over the weekends. It’s not easy to find some space in the city centre, especially the capital’s city centre! Edinburgh Old Town is very charming. From busy streets to quiet alleys. Narrow passages between the buildings. And all greetings and congratulations from passing by people are fantastic as long as you don’t mind hearing that quite often. Another thing about Edinburgh, the city is compact. The old town isn’t that big. Cars can’t get there easy due to the authorities smart no cars go policy. And this is a great advantage. The Edinburgh City Chambers wedding is a perfect location.

So after the Edinburgh City Chambers wedding ceremony, we went for a walk over Old City Edinburgh and a photography session. Early autumn in Edinburgh is beautiful. So were Elizabeth and Remi. Another side of St Giles’ Cathedral had beautiful lighting so I took advantage of that. Just see how gorgeous Remi and Elizabeth look here!

Me – the third wheel, bride, and groom were wandering from the alley to alley but eventually, the time to go back to the hotel has come. Elizabeth and Remi ordered a taxi and I jumped on the bicycle and went for a wonderful ride over Edinburgh streets to Murrayfield Hotel. Because that’s what I do. When the day is nice, I use the bicycle. And frankly, it’s common sense when everything is so close in Edinburgh City and commuting by car in the traffic is not fun. I was way ahead before the bride and groom arrived!

That’s how that wedding day went. The sound of cheering with glasses of champagne at the reception. The heartwarming speeches. A beautiful day. I’ve snapped portraits of the freshly married couple in the Murrayfield Hotel garden. The evening light was just amazing. It was a blast to be there and document Edinburgh City Chambers Wedding and later celebrations.

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