Scotland Wedding Photographer Fort William

Scotland Wedding Photographer – Nevis Range and Fort William Anniversary Session

Wedding Annivesary Session with Scotland Wedding Photographer

It’s a great privilege, when another Scotland Wedding Photographer, booking you for his session. And Liana, Robert’s wife is also one of the wedding photographers.

You need to be a little bit lucky when planning photography sessions. Days start to be unpredictable in late Autumn. A backup plan is a must. Liana and Robert wanted a photography session at the top of Nevis Range for the third wedding anniversary. The problem was, it’s usually very windy up the top. We didn’t know gondolas will be running in such conditions. Even staff couldn’t tell us till the last minute how it’s going to be. Hiking up, it’s two hours one way, exposed to the elements. So we had a backup plan to take a trip to the Glencoe in the worst-case scenario (I never thought I would use this sentence!) Glencoe isn’t the worst-case scenario with incredible views. It’s a beautiful area. But all of us were fancy for something else. The luck was on our side, as a decision from the gondola operators was positive. We quickly went to the gondola before they change minds and went up to the top. The wind wasn’t too bad at the lower ground, gently blowing last Autumn leaves off the trees. Gondola was climbing to the top, unravelling the famous downhill Nevis Range twisty track for the mountain bikes. As we progressed with height, the wind started to blow and swing the gondola stronger and stronger. Was highly likely we would have to walk back from the top. We agreed not to worry much about it. Also, walking down seemed to be okay. We didn’t mind. Gondola docked at the top station. We started to climb to the top of the mountain. Oh boy, the wind was so strong! We barely could stand on our feet. But as a Scotland Wedding Photographer, I knew I need to deliver photos, despite the conditions. On another note, there’s one well know truth about photographing in Scottish Highlands. The worst weather is, the better, the more epic photos are. I’ll let you decide about the results.

Liana has been updating me about the weather and sending photos from Fort William. Town in Scotland where she and Robert stayed over for a few days of holiday. She sent me a photograph from the Corpach, a small town, ten minutes drive from the centre of Fort William. A photo showed a bay with Old Boat of Caol. And when I saw that old shipwreck, with views of Munros in the distant background, I insisted to get there as well. On a good day, you can spot and include on the photos the highest top of Scotland, Ben Nevis. The top is often hidden in the clouds. The boat itself stay abandoned at the rocky beach for not too long. Her life at sea ended in 2011. The Old Boat of Caol was cut from her fishing duty in Fort William by a violent storm. For me, Scotland Wedding Photographer is a picturesquely Scottish scene. And sweet lord, how magical moments we had at that place! The storm was coming from Ben Nevis’s side. The dramatic sky with breaks of the sun rays. You can see rain in the background lighted up by the sun. For this kind of moment, Scotland Wedding Photographer is waiting for. Couples can’t see what he sees. That’s the beauty of photography, capturing epic moments in our lives. And I believe, the best moment for the couple is when they receive their photos. Husband will give a warm hug and say to the wife, look darling, we’ve been there, what a day it was. Truly magical and epic moment.

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