Buachaille Etive Scotland Wedding Elopement

Buachaille Etive – Scotland Elopement

Elopement in Scotland – Glencoe

Intimate weddings for two Scotland in were booming at the beginning of April 2021, Bex and Tom decided to celebrate their love with an elopement wedding in Glencoe. The ceremony took place at the breathtaking Buachaille Etive Mòr spot. Scotland Wedding Elopement – In Scottish Highlands, you can have four seasons of the year in ten minutes. The day started with a Spring in full glory and Wintertime at the end of the ceremony with heavy snow falling. As restrictions due to the pandemic not been lifted yet in Highlands, our wedding party was limited to a maximum of five persons. I was one of the witnesses. Literally. Being a witness is just a formality, but to me, it was a great privilege. First time in my life I was a witness!

A big thanks to those amazing people for organizing this gorgeous elopement wedding behind the scenes:

Elopement planner: Wild Hearts Elopement – all inclusive elopement packages scotland

Flowers and Headband: To A Mountain Daisy

Celebrant: Gail Brack

The Sitooterie: St Marys Space

glencoe wedding ceremony

Chapter one – The Spring at St. Mary’s Space

That day started at a beautiful place, St. Mary’s Space, not too far from Appin town. A small business run by Charlotte and Jamie. They build up a little, charming cabin perfect for Scotland Wedding Elopement just beside the old converted chapel. You should check out that place if getting married or have an artistic soul. You really can elope in Scotland cheap and with style. Charlotte is a craft artist, Jamie is a musician. I arrived at that peaceful little gem of Scotland on the morning, scouting for the best place to have a first look. The morning light was already harsh. The walking path to the close River Ure was boggy. I spotted an old, big tree and small mountain well, right beside the cabin. I knew right away I found the perfect spot!

first look appin scotland 007

First Look

I do not know what the first look is for a long time. What is the purpose? All weddings I remember from my home place were that the groom sees a partner at the ceremony. My home place is Scotland now, but before that was Poland. I had the picture in my mind as an odd ritual, a bit forced, staged mainly for the photos. I was so wrong. The wedding day is full of emotions, the anticipation is real. The nervousness of the couple as it is a big day! But the fear goes away in the arms of a loved one. For the couple, be close together before the ceremony helps reduce stress to the bare minimum.
Tom’s face when he saw the bride in her wedding dress. Priceless. It’s the face of someone who finds out that he just won a fortune in the lottery. My honest thought; Tom was tripping on love. So was Bex. The best drug you can have, but you can’t buy.

Chapter Two – Wandering around Glencoe

Slowly we hit the road into The Three Sisters direction, the famous viewpoint of the Glencoe. Our first stop was at the castle Stalker, located by Portnacroish, Appin. Stalker is a lonely castle on a tiny island, the only way to get there is by hiring a boat. Unfortunately, the castle is temporarily closed so we took some photos with this curious object in the background. So we were slowly driving, stopping here and there when we found anything interesting up to Kingshouse hotel where we met deer. It was one of these moments when I instantly regretted I forgot a carrot! All the way I was a bit worried about my couple, are they adventurous enough to go to some not easily accessible places, how about the wedding dress? But Bex blows my concerns out of the water. She was first to go, oh, check this waterfall down there!

Chapter Three – The Elopement Wedding Ceremony

We slowly arrived at Buachaille Etive Mòr. A cold afternoon was still sunny, but clouds started to appear in the blue sky. In Scottish highlands expect most unexpectable about weather prediction. I certainly did not consider the heavy snow blizzard on that day.

glencoe wedding ceremony

Bex and Tom decided to go for an ancient Celtic tradition, a couple swears an oath on a stone. Tom was holding in his hand-personalized stone with names and wedding dates. Gail, the humanist celebrant, prepared a touching speech for the couple. There were tears and laughter – great moments.

The weather started to change, after the ceremony, Gail left a gift for Bride and Groom, a tartan blanket and a lucky horseshoe for future good luck. I snapped few photos at the heavy snow moment. At Buachaille Etive Mòr started to be cold, so we jump back into the car to warm up ourselves and hit the road to Glen Etive.

Chapter Four – Glen Etive

A beautiful pocket of Glencoe. From the road, you can see another side of Buachaille Etive. We stopped at the river with waterfalls with the peak of Buachaille Etive in the background. A movie Skyfall scene from the exact spot over Glen Etive road. Tourists try to recreate that scene with a photo. Glen Etive is often a choice for Scotland Wedding Elopement. Did I mention Tom was looking like Daniel Craig, James Bond from the movie? And it is not only my opinion!

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Scotland Wedding Elopement turned into a fairytale story. The snow, the lovely couple Bex and Tom. It was an amazing day, a good feeling to be in this place, with lovely people. We had so much joy and laughter together! I hope my photos show just a little bit of that joy during the whole day.

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