LGBT Edinburgh Elopement Wedding

Alternative LGBT Edinburgh Elopement Wedding

Crisa and Kari LGBT Edinburgh Elopement Wedding

It’s been a long time coming for Crisa and Kari to get married in the capital of Scotland. Edinburgh is on my list of the 10 best places to elope in Scotland. In 2017 Crisa visited Edinburgh and fell in love with the city as she fell in love with Kari. A couple of years later they decided to elope with their closest friends and get married. But then, the pandemic forced Crisa and Kari to change their plans, so the wedding has to wait at least another two years. 

The brides are living in the United States, so necessary paperwork needs to be done before the marriage. It’s not a complicated process, certainly takes some time though. For more information check out how to get married in Scotland page.

The Morning

Kari went for a simple smart suit and Crisa decided for drop dead gorgeous black Rock & Roll Bride style dress. Both were looking equally beautiful for Alternative LGBT Edinburgh Elopement. Both outfits complement each other. Beautiful bouquet and button hole flower supplied by Narcissus Flowers Edinburgh floristry.

The first look

The first look taken place on the top of the lovely Air B&B roof with fantastic view over the Old Town Edinburgh panorama. A perfect location at the Old Town of Edinburgh, 10 minutes of walk to the Edinburgh Caste and 10 minutes drive to Holyrood Park, even in the heavy traffic.

St Anthony’s Chapel ruins for LGBT Edinburgh Elopement Ceremony

The ceremony spot was at St Anthony’s Chapel ruins, located at the centre of Holyrood Park. The couple have taken my advice on the ceremony spot, and done a lot of research on their own rather than pick one of Edinburgh elopement packages from the planners. LGBT elopement packages are widely available and you have plenty of options in Scotland. Linda Keys, as a recommended by myself celebrant from Agnostic Scotland was a perfect match for the queer couple! A wonderful person I always highly recommend. She’s a local celebrant as well.

Ceremony was emotional, fun, and quirky with a great applause from the gathered local crowd.

Perfect Romantic Celebration

After the ceremony girls opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate their marriage. We said goodbye to Linda and the wedding guests, to meet with them later for the evening celebration at The Sheep Heid Inn. I stayed a bit longer with Crisa and Kari to celebrate and take a few more photos at Holyrood Park.

St Anthony’s Chapel LGBTQ Wedding

Just look at the photos, how beautiful LGBT Edinburgh Elopement can look. As for my style, I like to leave my couples alone, to the point they can be comfortable with the camera, occasionally lead them when is necessarily.

The Sheep Heid Inn

After a beautiful session in the Autumn light at Holyrood Park, we moved to The Sheep Heid Inn, on the other side of the park for a perfect romantic celebration. The pub was a really cool place. The 14th-century pub has its own bowling room, garden patio, and cozy dining room. We sneak out just before dinner for a few more shoots at the sunset. We have taken a walk to Dr. Neil’s Garden. The garden for the local community was a true hidden gem. With beautiful blooming plants, flowers, and walking paths. An additional treat was a view of the Duddingston Loch.

LGBT Edinburgh Elopement Wedding was just perfect. Crisa and Kari’s day was so nice and elegant. Also peaceful for an elopement in the city at the weekend time. I’m humbled that I was a part of that wonderful moments, and contributed with help, how to plan a perfect LGBT Edinburgh Elopement Wedding.


    • Hey Linda! Absolutely lovely ceremony day! Thank you for helping me out with planning. Same here, it was so great to have you on board 👌

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