Scotland Elopement Wedding

Scotland Elopement Wedding in Glen Nevis

Destination Scotland Elopement Wedding | Fort William

When eloping to Scotland, especially from another country, it can be a difficult choice where you should elope. There are many epic spots in Scottish Highlands. S & L decided to elope from the United States, to have a small ceremony in Fort William. To be married in Scotland, it’s a fairly straightforward procedure, although a bit tedious and could last a few months. Be sure to apply early to give the Scottish Government time to approve. To get more information go to the  how to elope in Scotland 1.3 section.

Steal Falls | A wonderful Scotland Elopement Wedding Adventure

Shortly after the wedding ceremony, just married couple was very keen to have an adventure hiking. From Fort William, there are a few great locations. Glencoe area is the most stunning and yet the most popular destination place for Scotland Elopement Wedding. Easily accessible Glencoe Lochan is also a very attractive option. As for Glen Nevis, very few couples choose this option for adventurous, later celebrations and photos. Strange, as Glen Nevis has so many breathtaking places. Wedding photographers love it too. On a sunny day, Glen Nevis has so much potential. I’m so glad that I had so an adventurous couple willing to take a hike up to Glen Nevis Steall Waterfall.

The road from Fort William to the car park where the hike starts takes about 15 minutes. The hike itself isn’t too hard, although with a few rough rocky bits. Getting closer to the waterfall are two options – the river crossing or the epic rope bridge. Not for the heart fainted! Sonja and Luke choose both.

Some bogs are to be expected, after rainy days. It’s also okay to get a wedding dress a bit dirty at the bottom. It’s a natural thing during Scotland elopement wedding. How to elope in Scotland? You’ll find some useful tips and information in this section. The bride’s dress was absolutely gorgeous. Laced, long sleeve, and long tail. Although the long tail might not be the best option for hiking, Sonja had a good solution for that – a belt to lift the lover part during walking over rough terrain.

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