What amazing, cute human beings… Seeing their love I fell in love for them and for what I do. As an Glencoe elopement photographer, it was a blast to be a part of Kasia and Ross session. And we all were living the moment on that day indeed. So then, what I loved so much about the couple I had a pleasure to work with? Both were a bit shy in their unique way. I found how kind they are for each other. That vulnerability they dared to show in front of the camera. I didn’t lead much; I didn’t interrupt during the session. I’ve let them go with the feeling and the flow. I hope and believe pictures catch some of those moments.

The experience

Day has been already gloomy and moody right out from Glasgow we have driven. One of those days when I think to myself why we did not pick another date for our adventure in Highlands. But I’ve stuck to the plan that we go to Glencoe and Glen Etive no matter what. Live the moment, right? So we packed all crucial accessories like Wellies, warm blankets and umbrellas. Thermos flask was also very handy. After some chat with the bride and groom, I knew it’s going to be a great day, against the odds. And oh boy, it was an epic journey!

We head to Glen Etive valley first. And I need to give advice and some warning. Once rain stopped pouring down, little creatures, called midges showed up. So we didn’t stayed there for long. Trust me, that tiny buggers can spoil your holiday. Usually rain and wind will scare midges away but when is calm they can eat you alive. But hey, this is all brutal beauty of Scotland’s finest wilderness! Luckily for young bride and groom started raining again. (yes I call it luck, better be soaked than has midges bites all over the body)

The last stop at Three Sisters my dear couple started shivering and after a few hours of our road trip and hiking to wilderness, we called a day. Glencoe has a special place in my heart, it was my fist wandering Scotland direction when arrived to this beautiful country. Kasia and Ross seemed to enjoy the breathtaking views as well. It is truly stunning and often grim day makes is very dramatic.

Elopement Scotland Glencoe

That day had everything: Rain and wind, dramatic skies, ducks and Stag. And at the end of the day, are we not all just little, cute animals called human beings? Fall in love. And bringing flowers to show we do care. Show kindness, make tea, read the book together, those simple things. Glencoe elopement photographer – It can be a wild thing to do. Scottish weather don’t make it easy but certainly makes it epic and beautiful.

Elopement Scotland Glencoe