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Eloping in Norway

What do you need to know about eloping in Norway

Eloping in Norway is a dream destination thanks to dramatic, low light, water and mountain scenery. Beautiful, scenic views of that Scandinavian country are truly breathtaking. Now, before you start planning to visit Norway, despite your goal to achieve, there are a few things to take into consideration. 

If instead spend your budget on big, fat wedding, elopement in stunning place is more appealing to you, Norway is the way to go. It’s one of the most beautiful countries on this planet I ever have seen. Maybe just after Scotland but I might be biased. As with traditional wedding day, plan everything way ahead. Choosing a place in Norway for your perfect day might not be an easy decision to narrow it down. And here’s why.

elope in Norway

It’s a big country. The scattered coastline and many islands make it even bigger and not so easily accessible. Luckily water and land transport are well developed. and distanced with many attractions, beautiful nature. Make sure you’ll plan ahead your travel. And trust me, the more time you spend there, more and more hidden gems and beautiful scenery you’ll see. Norway has everything. Mountains, water, islands and wild nature. Although climate and nature can be harsh. Take for consideration time of the year and place. 

The more north, the more raw, undiscovered nature will be. Personally, I would avoid deep, north part of the country, especially in the wintertime, unless you know what you doing and you after Northern lights, illuminating Norway’s winter sky.

If you planning to get married, south of the country, under the arctic circle has a lot to offer. Western Norway, with many breathtaking fjords, can be a very tempting option to arrange a boho style, romantic small venue wedding or elopement. When I was travelling as a tourist, my attention caught a small village, Geiranger. That place has everything, breathtaking bay view and majestic fjords, easy travel access. Personally, I would recommend transport by ferry. It’s a couple of hours trip from Alesund with spectacular fjords landscape almost all the way.

There’s a lot to love about Norway. That country offers almost endless possibilities where and how you’d like to get married. From a small, intimate wedding and cabin in the middle of nowhere to road-trip adventure in the nice scenery. You can elope or have a small wedding by a waterfall. Hike on the mountain and have your ceremony spot there. The sky is a limit as Norway offers all. It’s up to you and your imagination, how far and how deep would you like to go with your adventure. 

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