Scottish Wedding Venue

Unique Scottish Wedding Venue – The Landmark Hotel

Fiona and David Scottish Wedding Venue – The Landmark Hotel, Dundee

What makes a wedding venue unique? When comes to the place, barn wedding or castle wedding are the common keywords for uniqueness. However, The Landmark hotel has a lot of character. It may not have a castle status or barn wedding quirkiness but is far from bland wedding venue status. Fiona and Dave’s late summer wedding day was not boring or usual on so many levels. What actually makes every wedding special? it’s a bit more depth there than the venue spot on the map. But for now, let’s focus on the Scottish Wedding Venue at The Landmark Hotel.

1. The Venue Location

The Landmark Hotel , as a Scottish wedding venue is conveniently located off Kingsway West, only a few miles from Dundee city centre. Even though Dundee is the fourth largest city in Scotland and the hotel is off A90 – the busy main road, it does not feel like it. The Landmark Hotel is surrounded by trees, with a big, beautiful garden at the back. Erected in the 19th century, the hotel has that interesting old-building vibe connected with new development. A beautiful 19th-century wooden hall with a modern, airy, and bright ceremony and reception room made mostly out of glass.

2. Morning Preparation – The Light

The light is another piece of the wedding day, which makes venue unique. Beautiful sunlight, big windows, all of that makes a day. At the end of the day, photos are nothing else than captured light. My Photography Style is moody, warm soft, and frankly – romantic. When I saw that wonderful, morning light in the hall, discovered a great opportunity to create some magic.

I met the bride, Fiona in her room, getting ready for the big day. It was not the first time I met Fiona and Dave. We had a the pre-wedding shoot, a month before the wedding. I do offer this opportunity to brake some ice and reduce awkwardness in front of the camera.

Dave arrived at the car park with Megan, Fiona’s beloved dog. One of that important wedding guests for Fiona.

The emotional ceremony

The third ingredient for the unique Scottish wedding venue? People and emotions. The laughter of two mothers passing each other wedding rings warms them up. Father’s tears to see his daughter in the wedding dress for the first time. We all are full of emotions. My goal is to capture that emotional vibe of the day. It makes the day more humanly, a real wedding moments.

Reception and Witty Speeches

Scottish Wedding Venue couldn’t be complete without old, good groom roast from his best friends. And if it’s done well, often cheeky, hilarious, and witty, it’s one of the best and strongest points of the wedding day. And as much as I know Scottish people, they are the most fun nation on this planet. I might be biased, after being seventeen years in Scotland! And Fiona and Dave’s wedding speeches did not disappoint. I will get in to the details but I hope you take my word by looking at the photos.

After speeches, Fiona, Dave, Megan the dog and I sneaked out for some portrait shoots as it was almost after sunset. I’m grateful that Fiona and Dave put trust in me. We come along full circle. The beautiful light on the morning, and flattering light for them on the evening.

So what makes a Scottish wedding venue unique at the end of the day? In fact, any wedding but Scottish venue in this case. I mentioned few ingredients like light, people, emotions, the venue itself. But the truth is, there’s more than that. More to this story. Only bride and groom will know, when they will be looking at their photos. And this was personal take on Scottish wedding venue of Fiona and Dave.

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