pre-wedding photoshoot

Couple pre-wedding photoshoot in Callander

Bracklinn Falls, just an hour of drive from Glasgow. A very charming place for Couple pre-wedding photoshoot in Callander. People who knows me also knows my favourite habitat is nature and my favourite colour is green. So I often looking for a spot with trees. Agata and Patryk, freshly engaged couple was really lovely to work with. l They both a bit shy, a bit vulnerable in front of the camera. Could I ask for more? Maybe some rain would add to the mix a little bit depth to the story. Perfection.

Actually, the day really started to look very bad with rain pouring down heavier and heavier every mile closer to location for Engagement photography in Scotland. To the point, I started to worry about my photography gear that could handle so much water. It was a warm day at least, not worried that much about my couple. That said, I love rainy days, it had to be done. 

Couple pre-wedding photoshoot in Callander

Agata and Patryk seemed to enjoy through our little adventure. When young couple saw photos, Agata said: Look, we could maybe do better, pose better. I don’t need models – I replied. I need real people and real photos. And this showing how you are. In love.

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