Loch Lomond Wedding

Loch Lomond Wedding in Luss

Lodge on Loch Lomond Wedding – Rosalyn and Anthony

The Trossachs and Loch Lomond are one of the most beautiful places to get married in Scotland. Loch Lomond is fairly accessible and close distance to one of the biggest cities in Scotland, Glasgow. More information can be found on my blog – 10 best places in Scotland for weddings and elopements. Rosalyn and Anthony choose Lodge on Loch Lomond located in Luss, a pretty conservation village with great accessibility to the Loch. Also, with super easy drive access from the main A82 road. When you arrive at Luss, you’ll get a view of Loch Lomond and distant mountains. Truly wonderful place. Lodge on Loch Lomond has easy access to the pier. Cruise boats are available.

There’s something beautiful in the morning preparations. The beauty in the details, the anticipation of waiting. Hugs to friends and family. One of my favourite parts of the wedding day to document. The groom and his close friend from childhood getting ready together. Anthony was a bit nervous before the first look and the wedding. He’ll marry his love today.

The First Look

The day was fantastic, as Rosalyn’s wedding dress. Heavy clouds in the distant sky and late Spring sun perfectly completed a Bohemian-style dress from Grace Loves Lace. Simple yet beautiful. Anthony was waiting at the shore of Loch Lomond. To see the love of his life for the first time in this gorgeous dress.

Loch Lomond Wedding is magical. The light is amazing. But you never know is going to be raining or not. So to the last moment, we didn’t know whether the wedding ceremony will be outdoor or indoor. We were lucky this time and the sun came out just like ordered for the ceremony.

Maria, a humanist celebrant from Argyll and Bute council gave the groom and the best man instructions on how to tie the knot in Scotland. The adorable moment right before the ceremony.

Loch Lomond Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was relaxed and easy-going as can be expected from an intimate, small wedding day. Harpist, Sam MacAdam was performing her music before the ceremony and at the reception. Loch Lomond Wedding of Rosalyn and Anthony had a lot of charm. Just have a look at the landscape and the wedding details Dry flowers wedding bouquet was phenomenal and was perfectly matched with the decor and groom’s buttonhole flower. I couldn’t imagine a better wedding day.

After the ceremony we’ve sneaked out to Luss for some stunning wedding portrait session. I believe we have created something special. It was calm Monday. If you’d like to book your wedding day in Luss, I recommend to choose a weekday. Loch Lomond is a popular touristy destination. Luss willage is no exception. Weekends can be really busy with tourists.

So we went for a nice, slow walk off the Luss willage centre, passed by old Parish Church. Stopped few times, taken photos on the way. To me the most important this is to make couple comfortable in the front of the camera. I want them to enjoy that moment, away from the family and rest of the wedding guests. I believe photos speak for themselves.

The warm, summer day become dense, heavy clouds started to accumulate over Loch Lomond wedding venue. We came back to the wedding guests just before heavy rain. It was the time for the speeches. Just perfect timing.

After first dance and cake cutting we went on sunset walk over Luss. The light was incredible. Loch Lomond is one of the nicest part of the Scotland. Rosalyn and Anthony enoyed that moment and sunset view over Loch Lomond. A nice goodbye indeed.

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