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House for an Art Lover – Glasgow Wedding Photographer

House for an Art Lover – The best wedding venue in town?

As a Glasgow Wedding Photographer, couples sometimes ask me what I consider the best wedding venue in Glasgow or Scotland? What does that even mean? What takes into consideration? There are many factors, depending on what your goals and needs are. I’ll try to answer all those questions by describing one of the beautiful wedding days in Glasgow with Lauren and Fergus. I believe House for an Art Lover was the best venue for their needs.

The main reasons to pick the right venue for your wedding, or at least should be:

  • The look and general feel of the place
  • Capacity – It’s a crucial point. A wedding venue should accommodate the appropriate number of guests. you don’t want them to feel cramped or uncomfortable.
  • Location and accessibility – Do not overlook this factor! Planning a wedding is a headache, if the venue is somewhere remote or in the centre of a large city, you need to add extra time, transportation, traffic etc.
  • Hospitality – Friendly staff, sleek service, the look of decorations, dedication to the details.
  • Value for money – Yes, it’s a thing that many couples take into consideration. It doesn’t mean cheap, just how much you get for your hard-earned money.

House for an Art Lover was erected in the 90s last century so it’s a fairly new building. Cool design is based on the project done by famous Scottish architect and artist, Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his wife, Margaret MacDonald. The building is located in Bellahouston Park, surrounded by trees. Park is open to the public on weekdays and weekends but is usually quiet and House for an Art Lover has a separate pocket garden for the bride, groom and all wedding guests. The location is almost perfect. Just off the M8 motorway at the Southside of Glasgow. Easy to get in and easy to park with dedicated parking spaces. It’s a very appealing and hassle-free venue opposite to the city centre venues like nonetheless wonderful Òran Mór and intimate wedding venues in the West End

The Music Room Ceremony – Every Glasgow Wedding Photographer dream

On a sunny, summer day, the Music Room is very bright and airy. Big windows on the right side make the light inside warm. From the Glasgow Wedding Photographer’s perspective, there’s enough good light to capture the ceremony in the right way without faffing about with a flashlight at the wedding. I always want to be as respectful as I can without any interruptions. Flash from the flash gun is the very last thing I would like to use, usually in the very dark ceremony places, where I have no choice whatsoever. Music Room in House for an Art Lover isn’t one of that wedding venues. Photos can speak for themselves. The general vibe of the ceremony and wonderful decoration was captured perfectly.

Also, have a look at Lauren and Fergus! How happy they are! A warm summer day just adds to their perfect, happy moments. Plus, there’s a lot of room outside for the confetti throwing after the ceremony.

Main Hall & Dining Room Reception

Dimmed light bulbs and focused widow daylight are the factors which will make every wedding photographer in Glasgow happy. As for the venue, the dining room with the hall can take up to 120 wedding guests. The dark interior, and purple and white table decor make it pleasant for the eye. The benefit of this venue is located in the par – on a hot day, you can chill in the back garden or spacious terrace with a glass of wine or beer and enjoy the weather.

In summary, as a Glasgow wedding photographer, I can strongly recommend this venue. Also, the pricing for the venue is very appealing. Depending on or off-peak season, you can book a wedding venue at House for an Art Lover at reasonable prices. The costs should be between £3-5k.

Big thanks to Paul Budzinski who beautifully captured this wedding day as an associate photographer

Culling, editing and publishing Rad Rachwal. in other words – me, myself and I!

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