Agnieszka and Paul got married at the beginning of December in Glasgow. Brides and grooms don’t like winter, usually trying to avoid booking date. And I understand this choice. Days are dark and often rainy here in Scotland. For me, the moody off-season has that quiet vibe that means a slower pace for settled couples wanted to get married.

Therefore I was happy to be Glasgow Wedding Photographer for them. Planning is the key when an individual bride and groom session is included in the schedule due to short daylight. It’s even more crucial when preparation, ceremony and reception are in three different places.
The morning started in the beautiful mansion located in a pocket of Barrhead.

Agnieszka and Paul knew each other for a long time, well balanced, mature relationship between two loving people. The plan for the day was having a small humanist wedding and a quiet celebration after the reception. We scheduled an individual session at Pollok House, just before sundown but we still had plenty of time for a portrait session.