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Glasgow Wedding in Òran Mór

Before 2020 madness started.

Late December 2019 wedding. A big wedding venue in Formerly Kelvinside Parish Church, Glasgow wedding in Òran Mór. My very last wedding of the year. I had a privilege to be as a second wedding photographer beside brilliant Mark Pacura. Well over a hundred wedding guests were expected to come and enjoy the ceremony, reception and wedding party. Amanda and Robbie, the incredible couple had a lot of friends to come over to their beautiful wedding. There’s something magical in this time of the year. Everyone still buzzing after festive Christmas time and prepare for the new year to come.

The morning – Groom

I love such relaxed, laid back groom and best man! Cheeky Scottish humour. Hell, I love Scotland! Having Polish roots, I admire Scottish social life. Well, Irn Bru and so-called munchy box aren’t exactly my cup of tea (sorry Scotland!). The morning just started with friendly banter and I just imminently feel like I’m one of the pals. Not having a job as a wedding photographer (although I’m very serious about it) but be a part of the celebration. Wedding speech? Oh, just a quick write on the paper sheet will do. Nae bother hen – don’t to worry much. Not everything has to be perfect.

Meanwhile, in the bride HQ. Sometimes details are matters and add a value to the bigger picture.

Òran Mór Glasgow Wedding Ceremony

Bride and groom decided to tie the knot in a humanist ceremony manner. I always thought “tie the knot” is a Scottish thing. But in fact, roots go as far as the Roman Empire existence. Pretty cool if you ask me. Lots of guests, candle fire. Everyone getting ready for the bride to come. And there she is, arriving with her dad. A touching moment. Father walk with daughter to her one and only lover arms, husband soon. Kiss the Bride, sign up papers with celebrant and witness. Walk-off in style over the carpet with mandatory confetti in the air sprinkled by the wedding guests and most important part of the day is over. Everyone can relax now and chill while waiting for dinner and the best part of the day, party time!

Oh, speeches, of course. Groom lost a little bit of his Scottish laid back attitude and tremble. That’s a lot of guests and everyone watching. But what are the best men! Best man always has your back. At that night, I could hear lots of laughs, see lots of smiles. And a toast for the young couple. I have to mention quite cool detail about the decorations. As Amanda and Robbie are some keen travellers, each table had a country name and photo from the place they been together. Neat! The whole wedding venue was like a Christmas night out. Lots of candles, lots of lights. Like a big family festive time dinner.

First dance at Glasgow wedding in Òran Mór belonged to a bride and groom. That’s not always the case. All guests eyes on them, but soon after wedding guests starting the traditional Scottish dance Ceilidh. (pronounced kay-lee) I’ve been at such dances many times, so much fun to be a part. Some guidance is a must usually be provided by the band. Ceilidh dance can be complicated unless you are pro!

wedding glasgow oran mor

My story end here, have a look at those people, fun, joy. How little I knew at the time that would be one of the last big parties throw in 2019. And it would be at Glasgow wedding. The 2020 year, please go away. Can we have a big fat wedding fun dance again? Please, please, make it happen. Dear universe, be kind for all wedding venues in 2021.

Venue: Òran Mór

Photo Booth Supplier: Pictureblast.co.uk

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