5 reasons why elopement

5 reasons why you should consider elopement wedding

Even if you think this is not for you

If you read this blog, elopement idea already crossed your mind. Nowadays term “elopement” has changed original meaning from secret runaway to planned small, intimate wedding as a celebration of love. After 2020 events, no surprise many engaged couples aiming to get married, choose elopement weddings. Elopement is a growing trend, and the current world situation only accelerated desire to have a small, intimate marriage.

Elopement Scotland Glencoe

1. Elopement is all about you and your love.

First thing off, I love big, fat family weddings. I can see why the bride and groom are attracted to celebrate marriage traditionally. Bride and groom being in the centre of attention, amongst happy wedding guests. But at the same time, I can see how much unnecessary stress in on bride and groom shoulders. Bride and groom seldom are alone, trying to make happy all wedding guests, trying to make everything perfect, dealing with a tight schedule at a traditional wedding. The only time the couple can rest and focus on themselves is a portrait session with the photographer – usually between reception and dinner. I see many times how difficult is to relax for just married couple. Therefore I advise having a separate couple portrait session maybe day before the wedding, that lovers can focus on themselves. Party night after the reception usually helps freshly married couple to loosen tight and wedding dress. But even then, they are never alone. Planning a big wedding for over a hundred guests is stressful enough and always was. The situation looks completely different at the elopement wedding. Bride and Groom are not firmly tight to all traditions and schedule which traditional wedding has. Therefore at a more laid back event, the couple can concentrate on what is all about – love.

2. Elopement or micro wedding?

Let’s define the difference between a micro wedding and an elopement. And to be frank, there isn’t many. The difference is in details and couples approach to be married. I had a few micro weddings in 2020, to my understanding, a micro wedding is a traditional wedding in just a smaller scale. Pretty much as per title “micro”. It’s for couples with more traditional views to be married. The same ceremony, humanist or in church, wedding cake, family portraits and reception. Sure, when you down to planning an elopement, you don’t need to include only you and your loved one plus two witnesses. You can include your family or friends. But the main difference, in my opinion, is that you have more freedom about tailoring your big day. And allow focusing mainly on your love. With the micro wedding, you run into a dilemma who will receive a wedding invitation as in fact, it is a traditional wedding in all aspects and how the bride would like to see it. Sure, part of your family and friends will understand this, there always will be some justifications and shortcomings. When you elope, you are not tight to traditions. You can think out of the box how your day should look. Do you want to invite your family or prefer to be alone just with two witnesses? Do you love nature or prefer city elopement? Would you like to have a ceremony in the morning or later afternoon? This is how I see and define the difference between wedding and elopement.
On top of that, imagine, after a romantic, intimate elopement ceremony whole of your family and friends receive beautiful photos and incredible video from the day. Does it not sound great? And at the end of the day, you can have a party after all, just in a more relaxed, informal manner if the traditional wedding is not your thing.

Wedding Scotland Drumtochty Castle

3. Let’s talk about money- elopement vs wedding

In general, elopement is cheaper than a wedding, does not mean it cannot be fancy. In Scotland, you can have elopement for around £7k. The cost usually includes the celebrant, wedding dress, accommodation, travel and a well-regarded elopement photographer you like. Elopement is five to ten times less than the costs of the traditional wedding. Simple mathematics, you save a lot on each wedding guest. I know, getting married is not only about money. But with all that savings from the wedding budget, you can have a honeymoon holiday. Or book favourite video artist you couldn’t afford before as the whole of your money went into a wedding venue. You still would have some money left in your pocket to organise some wild party without traditional boundaries. All up to you, how you manage your founds.

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4. Freedom of choice

If you decide to elope, you are not minute after minute schedule must-do tasks like in a traditional wedding. Yes, you may consider what time of the day would be the best for your photo session. Discuss the schedule with your celebrant but is way less hectic and under your rules. For example, you can hike in the morning, have a ceremony after dinner. You can take advantage to pick the perfect time for your photos. In other words, you can tailor your elopement as you like. You can take even two days option with extra activities but stretch over two days with no fuss and no rush. The most iconic word comes to my mind – freedom. It is a very Scottish way. But hey, whatever floats your boat! That’s great if this is what YOU want. That’s the beauty of elopement, doesn’t matter where is, it’s all about your love, the way you like to celebrate your beautiful love. Elopement can be in the back of your garden, or in the big city. Will be the same beautiful like a day on the Isle of Skye or Glencoe. It’s your connection, is what makes it special. Elopement is easy to understand when you flip the coin and re-define why getting married in the first place.

5. Free your soul, elope to big, Scottish outdoors!

Last but not least, think about all those beautiful places Scotland has to offer. Wherever you go, you’ll be surprised how breathtaking scenery can be. From west and south Scottish Borders to Edinburgh. Loch Lomond. Epic A82 road to Glencoe and Skyfall vibe Glen Etive. Isle of Skye and Torridon – to name a few important places to me and much much more places to elope!

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