(Even if you think this is not for you)

If you read this, elopement crossed your mind and you read about it here, there and everywhere probably. Nowadays term “elopement” changed original meaning from secret secret runaway to planned small, intimate wedding as a celebration of your love as a couple. 

Elopement Scotland Glencoe

Elopement is a safe schedule date

First thing off, I love big, fat family weddings. I love interactions. Be in the crowd, shooting candid and posing family portraits. For me, the more is merrier. Lots going on, many smiles and everyone having a great day. Maybe except an aunt who just dropped wedding cake on her white dress. You can forget about all that tiny, sometimes cute imperfections at the big dance party thrown after the reception. Well, most big venues as stands for the year 2020 cannot happen anyway. At this point, we don’t know how it’s going to be n the near future. There is a silver lining. Planning a big wedding for over a hundred guests is stressful enough and always was. And given the current landscape, what happens in the world (yes, I talk about COVID19) restrictions and you have a real thriller with venue cancelling, postponing, etc. Until humanity will not have the whole world situation under full control, you can forget about your big, traditional wedding. But despite whatever happening in the world right now, there are much more reasons why to choose elopement over a large event.

How about a small wedding instead of an elopement?

A small wedding is a great option. But in many cases, you run into a dilemma who will receive a wedding invitation and who’s not. It’s always been a case with a small venue wedding. Sure, part of your family and friends will understand this, there always will be some justifications and shortcomings. When you elope, you only need witnesses to sign the marriage register. Just imagine, after a romantic, intimate ceremony whole of your family and friends receive beautiful photos and incredible video from the day. Does it not sound great? And on top of that, you can have a party after all, just in a more relaxed, informal manner if the traditional wedding isn’t your thing.

Wedding Scotland Drumtochty Castle

Let’s talk about money- elopement vs wedding

In general, elopement is cheaper than a wedding, does not mean it can’t be fancy. Now with all that money, you saved from the wedding budget you can have a dress you always dreamed. Or book favourite photography or video artist you couldn’t afford before as the whole of your money went into a wedding venue. You can travel into some exotic place, although currently can be a little bit tricky but doable in opposite to how popular destination weddings. The sky is a limit. And you still would have some money left in your pocket to organise some wild party without traditional boundaries.

dunglass estate elopement wedding 171

Freedom of choice

If you decide to elope, you are not minute after minute schedule must-do tasks like in a traditional wedding. Yes, you may consider what time of the day would be the best for your photo session, discuss the schedule with your celebrant but is way less hectic and under your rules. For example, you can hike in the morning, have a ceremony after dinner. You can take advantage to pick the perfect time for your photos. In other words, you can tailor your elopement as you like. You can take even two days option with extra activities but stretch over two days with no fuss and no rush. The most iconic word comes to my mind – freedom. It is a very Scottish way.

Free your soul, elope to big, Scottish outdoors!

Last but not least, think about all those beautiful places Scotland has to offer. Wherever you go, you’ll be surprised how breathtaking scenery can be. From west and south Scottish Borders to Edinburgh. Loch Lomond. Epic A82 road to Glencoe and Skyfall vibe Glen Etive. Isle of Skye and Torridon – to name a few important places to me and much much more places to elope!

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