Egypt Mill Nailsworth - Cotswold Wedding Photographer

Egypt Mill Nailsworth – Cotswold Wedding Photographer

Cotswold Wedding Photographer – Egypt Mill Venue

Egypt Mill Wedding Photographer 01

As a Scotland Wedding Photographer, I had a rare opportunity to document a very interesting wedding day, with the reception venue at Egypt Mill by the riverside of the picturesque town of Nailsworth as every Cotswold wedding photographer dream. The town is placed in the Stroud district, a charming full of old trees area in middle-south England. When I arrived at the Egypt Mill, I was amazed at how peaceful, and beautiful that place is. The historic 16th-century mill is placed in the lovely valley in the heart of Gloucestershire.

This story will be not about the place but about the lovely wedding of Caroline and Richard. I was recommended as Bristol Wedding Photographer, which is not too far from the Stroud District, just under an hour’s drive. Vic and Rob who was so happy with my work that they recommended my service to their friends. I’m so happy they did!

I arrived the day before, welcomed by a mild, sunny evening. I’ve started documenting as a Cotswold wedding photographer from the morning preparations. Richard just delivered fresh wedding flowers, while Caroline was getting ready with bridesmaids in one of the Egypt Mill rooms. The wedding venue details were beautifully crafted, have a look at the photos to appreciate it. The Egypt Mill has a vibe kind of like the Cotswold wedding at a stone barn. The venue had also the advantage to have over 30 rooms to accommodate the majority of the wedding guests. Old mill conversion was a really cosy place with a large “secret garden”. Just a lovely, quiet place. If you are searching for a cotswolds wedding, consider this venue.

UK Wedding Photographer reception

Richard, as an early bird, was set and ready, chilling in the bar lounge. After a super relaxed morning, it was time to get ready for the wedding ceremony. The place for the ceremony was the Church of the Annunciation. Beautiful Worchester priory located on the hill. About 5 minutes drive to the Stroud direction from Nailsworth.

Cotswold Wedding Photographer – The ceremony

Parish Church Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony day was in a traditional, catholic way, very beautiful nonetheless. I love church traditional wedding ceremonies. There’s something sacred, something special about the church. Also, as a bonus, it’s nice and cool on a hot, summer day.

It’s worth mentioning a wedding car, taking the bridal party and the bride to the ceremony. An ultra-cool Ford Torino, just like in the Starsky & Hutch movie. Driven by the coolest gangsta character I ever met – Dan. What can I say? A Cotswold wedding photographer can only dream about this kind of day.

After the ceremony and some confetti action outside the church, we went for a drive. Just married happy couple in the Ford Torino. Obviously! We’ve climbed on the hill, up to Minchinhampton Common – a big open outdoor abve Stroud town. I couldn’t miss the opportunity and taken some wedding photos action with that beautiful car!

Cotswold Wedding Photographer – The Reception

Egypt Mill Wedding Photography

There’s so much to show, so much more to talk about. So many good moments to remember. I leave my visual story a bit untold, incomplete. I leave a bit of the mystery curtain. The reception was lovely, the first dance, the chilling in the secret garden on the mild, warm wedding evening.

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