Dunrobin Castle Engagement

Dunrobin Castle Engagement Scotland

Laetitia & Liam Dunrobin Castle Engagement Session

Laetitia & Liam Dunrobin Castle Engagement was kept secret by Liam. We planned to take the future fiancée by complete surprise. I needed to blend in with the tourist. It wasn’t too difficult as over the summertime Castle is fairly populated. Also, Dunrobin Castle is an impressive place with a big garden, falconry, and museum. Plenty of people with cameras want to capture stunning views. Castle itself is located on the east shore by the North Sea. One of the to-go places over the famous NC500 road.

The spot and time set between me and Liam. It was an exciting moment for me as a photographer. There’s always that moment of uncertainty – does she will say yes? Liam assured me Laetitia was sure about him. However, you never know!

The day was perfect. A gentle breeze from the sea and sun with little clouds. One of those days you just want to chill in the garden. We have chosen the fountain, easy to spot, especially with a handy map supplied by the castle staff.

The Engagement Moments to remember.

First of all, as you can tell from the photos, she said yes! Liam kept calm till the end, or more like the beginning of the proposal. Oh, what a perfect moment it was for Dunrobin Castle Engagement. I can’t imagine better than that. Just have a look how sweet, wonderful Laetitia and Liam are!

Laetitia & Liam came to Scotland from distant Australia, for a few weeks. They are considering moving and getting married here. I understand them very well. As for me, I moved here 17 years ago, falling in love with Scotland. This country has so much to offer. From the incredible castles to stunning mountain views.

Dunrobin Castle was the top place to visit on my bucket list. As a whole NC500 road. But the trip, with the distance far away from Glasgow, was constantly postponed. So I didn’t think twice when Liam messaged me, that he would like to have me as a photographer for Dunrobin Castle engagement. I’m so grateful to have that opportunity to capture such a beautiful couple, so important, wonderful moments, at so an excellent place on the map of Scotland.

After the engagement shoot was a time to wander around castle garden and interiors. Capture some not candid shoots. This time as a fully engaged couple.

The Dunrobin Castle Engagement of Laetitia & Liam remind me that I have the best job in the world. Photograph people in love. What a great day to be remembered.

The time has come to say goodbye to my lovely couple and drive back to Glasgow. It’s a long way back. But very rewarding with views. A9 road to Inverness is amazing, with a fantastic lookout by the Loch Fleet and an epic drive over the Dornoch Firth Bridge by the sunset. That two spots alone are breathtaking, but the whole road is just stunning. I wish I had more time to explore this part of the Scotland.

The Dunrobin Castle Engagement day was wonderful. To the point I would like to be back there.

Can you get married in Dunrobin Castle?

Castle’s website doesn’t advertise weddings, prioritizing touristry. But management certainly does weddings, so drop them your wedding desires and plans on their contact page. Another point worth mentioning, is weddings are only possible during the summertime. The castle is a big place with many, many rooms to discover and rent for the wedding venue. Just bear in mind that will be highly unlikely to close the whole area for the wedding exclusively.

As for me, I was so happy to document The Dunrobin Castle Engagement of Laetitia & Liam. I’ll be coming back to this day during winter, rainy days in Scotland.

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