Dunnottar Castle Elopement

Dunnottar Castle Elopement – Destination Wedding in Scotland

Beautiful Catherine and Dan Dunnottar Castle Elopement

Dunnottar Castle is one of the places in Scotland that don’t need much introduction. Iconic place in Scotland, located at the east coast, 15 miles drive from Aberdeen. With beautiful North Sea backdrop and Dunnottar Cliffs it’s one of beloved spots for destination small weddings and elopements. Cate and Dan travelled from the sunny, warm Miami to moody, rainy and windy Scotland. It was a middle of September. The first day of much colder days coming up to Scotland.

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Dunnottar Castle Elopement – The first Look

Katherine and Daniel choose a quiet, off the road Air B&B location in walking distance to Dunnottar Woods. I set the first look spot in the woods. Dan is a sensitive man, also the man of passion. As a photographer, I had so much connection with those two. A very touching, beautiful moments captured at the first look right before the ceremony.

The ceremony

Shortly after the first look, the couple left for the ceremony at the Dunnottar Castle. The ceremony spot was inside the Dunnottar – the old blacksmith . That way we had a little bit of the shelter from the cold wind blowing from the North Sea. Luckily was a still fairly dry for Dunnottar Castle Elopement of Katherine and Dan.

Dunnottar Castle Elopement Ceremony

Katherine and Daniel choose an old Scottish tradition called tying the knot. The hand-fasting ceremony happens usually after the vows. Celebrant introduces it and then goes on to offer an explanation as the two of you tie ropes together to form a secure knot. Scottish ‘hand-fasting’ into their elopement ceremony. A hand-fasting ceremony uses ribbon, lace, or rope to bind the couple’s hands together. It symbolizes the joining together of two lives, and it’s from this that we get the phrase “tie-the-knot”

Dunnottar Castle Elopement Ceremony almost get to the end, we stayed a bit longer in the castle, wandering, hiding from the elements. Her choice of footwear was just fabulous and practical at the same time. White Converse trainers with high rubber soles delivered enough grip over the stone, wet and slippery stairs to the Castle.

Dunnottar Castle Elopement Wedding

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