Drumtochty Castle Destination Wedding

Drumtochty Castle Destination Wedding

Jillian and Travis Drumtochty Castle Destination Wedding

Drumtochty Castle is under a one-hour drive from Aberdeen to South. This beautifully done, erected in the 19th-century neo-gothic style castle became a perfect, luxurious, rural location for Jillian and Travis. Drumtochty Castle Destination Wedding have come all the way from the United States to breathtaking landscapes in Scotland. The choice of their destination wedding is Scotland Drumtochty Castle. The humanist wedding ceremony took place in a stunning 19th-century Scottish castle. The groom, a former soldier, whose family roots originate from Scotland and the bride, couldn’t imagine a better place for their wedding than the Scottish Highlands.

Under the agreement, the whole event was under Scottish tradition in the slightest details. So what you can get from a twist of traditional, old-fashioned weddings and an American laid-back attitude? Wedding Scotland Drumtochty Castle was a blast, it was such a pleasure to be a witness, photographer, and journalist of such a cool wedding! Wedding cake as every detail of the venue was just simply amazing. And details, just have a look at how stylish not only the bride and groom were but the whole guest list!

Drumtochty Castle Destination Wedding – The humanist ceremony.

The human ceremony was so relaxed and fun, just like two good friends have an agreement. I just love how easy-going the couple and guests were at Drumtochty Castle destination wedding. There was a moment of small concern when a heavy shower just started. But hey, this is Scotland after all. Expect unexpected in terms of Scottish weather.

The ceremony was amazing. The sun came out of the sky at the perfect time. I don’t know, maybe the couple has some special deal with god or the universe. Like that heavy shower was a part of the venue to add a little bit of the drama. It was fun, it was touching and after the wedding ceremony loads of hugs were exchanged between family and friends. Humans, what cute creatures, they hug to comfort others, they cry with tears when feel sad or touched, and smile when they are happy.

Embrace portrait session experience at Drumtochty Castle

At reception and before dinner there was a time for individual couple sessions as sunset was near. That’s the best time for photographers. The lower the sun is, you should expect even better photos as the light is nicer. So trust your photographer about a set schedule. So we went for a little walk in the nearby woodlands, close to the castle. And the photos were just simply amazing. Everything worked out well at Drumtochty Castle’s destination wedding.

Just look how nice and classy the bride and groom were. Wedding dresses are not everyone’s cup of tea, definitely unique in style. After almost an hour spent with a freshly married couple, it was a time for well-deserved dinner. But before that, mandatory speech and cutting cake. Speeches were funny, touching, engaging. As you can tell from the photos. The cutting cake couldn’t be done in an ordinary way, oh no! The couple did in it a cool way by using a sword. After dinner, lots of guests had a lot of fun, played games, and smoked cigars all with a chill, laid-back American attitude. Pretty rad wedding in Drumtochty Castle Destination Wedding.

And oh boy, the party was such a blast! It was so badass that I wanted to drop my camera and have some fun dancing with the wedding guests. The best man was just brilliant not only on the dance floor but as a singer, singing along with the band. Yeah, you read this right, Best Man was singing old, good American rock and roll and all the guests (no exception, really) were on the dance floor. Now this is what I call a really good twist of American culture and Scottish tradition.

To summarise, what a wedding, what a night. Jillian and Travis will remember these moments for a long time. Drumtochty Castle Destination Wedding venue is such a hidden gem on the East Coast. Just simply an amazing place. And photos will keep they’s memories fresh for years to come together. Still buzzing about this incredible wedding.

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Venue: Drumtochty Castle


  1. Hello. Love your work, we are the couple willing to get married in Scotland. It’s difficult to decide which castle, so many of them!

    • Hi there! Thank you for the kind words. Yeah, many nice castles here, I’m more than happy to help you to decide!

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