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Destination Wedding Photographer – Scottish Wedding in Poland

Destination Wedding Photographer – Wedding in the Castle on The Rock

The story begins in Scotland, where Agata meets Calum. Both were study pals at the University of Glasgow. A good few years after, Calum proposed to Agata. She said yes! Both decided that wedding will happen in the Polish countryside. As a Scotland Wedding Photographer, with good knowledge of Poland, I was a perfect match for them. Document their beautiful wedding day was such a joy. I love being a destination wedding photographer. It’s just another level of experience with all flight and transportation logistics on board. Poland welcomed me on a hot day. More likely an Italian Wedding in Tuscany. The morning was still cool and lovely though. The Castle On The Rock is located in Lower Silesia, close to Czech Republic Border. I know this part of Poland rather well. That said, I did not know about this castle at all. Only a twisty, country road led to that place.

The hidden gem of Lower Silesia – Destination Wedding Photographer

When I arrived at the place, I was amazed at how huge is that area and the castle itself. The beginnings of the castle started in the 15th century strictly for military and defence purposes. Quickly rebuild as one of the richest and most impressive renaissances buildings. I visited a few Scottish Castles, documenting weddings. I have not seen a castle with as huge interiors, rooms and complexity.

morning preparation 062

The Morning in the castle

Agata was the laughing bride, and Calum – was the most relaxed groom. Weddings can be different. I’ve seen many stressed-out brides and grooms on their wedding day. Not the case with Agata and Calum. Also, It was a pure joy to document Agata’s mum, auntie and grandma, helping her out to get ready. Four women, three generations captured in the wedding photos. The morning felt more like elopement photography or an intimate wedding vibe than a big, fat Scottish-Polish wedding day.

Instead of the first look, I snapped a few portraits of the couple together right before the ceremony. A place like this, with big windows, and big, old mirrors, is a dreamy place to document morning preparations. Everything just clicks in the right way. Every destination wedding photographer dreamy venue. Just look at the couple. How happy they are in the photos.

morning preparation 171

The Wedding Ceremony

I love being a destination wedding photographer in countries where warm, dry days for the wedding are almost guaranteed. Although I also like when the weather is a bit unpredictable. It adds that element of surprise and a little bit of rain adds that element of drama to the photos. The Isle of Skye in Scotland is a good example. That said, the bride, groom and wedding guests should be sure you’ll get a nice day for having the wedding ceremony outside.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony was rather simple, with a good mix of Scottish traditions. The whole wedding day was a mixture of Polish and Scottish traditions, especially at the party but we’ll get to that.

So the ceremony was as usual in Scotland, with a piper and the quaich ritual. Drinking from the same cup implies a high degree of intimacy and trust.

The lovely reception started with the welcoming wedding guests by the fresh married couple. Oh, the joy of never-ending hugs and kisses!

After speeches and dinner, right just before the dances started, I sneaked out with Agata and Callum for the portrait session. It’s a joy to be a wedding photographer with such a couple. Just look at the photos below, how happy and natural they are. It’s also worth mentioning how green and nice the garden was around Castle on The Rock.

Traditional Ceilidh dancing at a Scottish wedding was about to start, we couldn’t miss that time! Dances were completely wild, everyone had so much fun. While Scottish wedding guests were obviously familiar with Ceilidh, for Polish guests it was a bit of a novelty.

In between wild dances, a wedding cake was presented. The whole wedding decorations had some little Scottish accents. The cake was no exception. Beautiful, triple deck but yes simply designed wedding cake was decorated with famous little thistles, the symbol of Scotland.

Later at night was thanksgiving for the parents and grandparents and so-called in polish “Oczepiny” – a various quests including a dance contest, catching bride’s wedding bouquet and grooms bow.

At this point, I had to leave the party. In Poland usually, last till the early morning and sometimes the next day after too. But it was a joy and pleasure to document such a lovely day, such a lovely couple.

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