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Couple Goals – Couple session in Portugal

Romantic destination in Portugal?

What fist does place come to mind? Most likely it’s going to be south-west part of Portugal, close to Lisbon. Most couples considering Lisbon. A very romantic and popular place for engagement sessions and destination wedding. But Giraffe and Zebra aren’t a usual couple. They are extraordinary people. They could choose any location but decided to start love life together up north of Portugal. An over hour drive from Porto, Braga district.

Couple goals

Sometimes, people, you meet over your journey called life can change your path. Zebra (aka Deadman) Glasgow tattoo artist meet the street performer and professional yoga teacher Giraffe, Berlin resident. The universe knew they were meant to be together. Couple goals – Giraffe and Zebra. At first sight I could tell how well they fit together.

Giraffe and Zebra engaged in Glasgow and decided to move to small Portuguese village up north from Braga, close to Spanish Border. And what a beautiful couple in a beautiful place they are!

Braga district is an amazing place on earth. It’s only about an hour drive from Porto Airport and you get right into mountains and leaks. Large boulders make that place look like somewhere on Mars rather than Earth, especially in the harsh sun I had a luck to have this lovely couple session.

I had amazing time back then. I could truly feel that connection Zebra and Giraffe. And connection with nature. Fruits, freely hanging down, falling on the ground, I could taste fresh oranges or citrons. A peaceful place.

Photography Session Braga Portugal

Sunset was close, pretty magical time to play with fading light. And the sky was breathtaking indeed. Few after dark snap shoots and we all together headed back home. The plan was go hiking up mountain on the early morning and welcome sunrise.

Photography Session Braga Portugal

The night was short, but the next day was as magical as the first day. We climbed high, in the dark. They’s dedication to my photography art was incredible. I mean, who would at 4 am climb up the mountain for best light and view? I guess we all were a little bit crazy.

I’ve spent two days there enjoying views, the peacefulness of that place and vegan food served by Giraffe. They plan to get married next year. I’m pretty certain the wedding will be epic! I can’t wait to meet those two again. Goodbye Portugal, goodbye my friends, until the next time!

Photography Session Braga Portugal

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