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Glasgow Wedding Photographer

Agnieszka and Paul got married at the beginning of December in Glasgow. Brides and grooms don't like winter, usually trying to avoid booking date. And I understand this choice. Days are dark and often rainy here in Scotland. For me, the moody off-season has that quiet vibe that means a slower pace for settled couples wanted to get married.

Therefore I was happy to be Glasgow Wedding Photographer for them. Planning is the key when an individual bride and groom session is included in the schedule due to short daylight. It's even more crucial when preparation, ceremony and reception are in three different places.
The morning started in the beautiful mansion located in a pocket of Barrhead.

Agnieszka and Paul knew each other for a long time, well balanced, mature relationship between two loving people. The plan for the day was having a small humanist wedding and a quiet celebration after the reception. We scheduled an individual session at Pollok House, just before sundown but we still had plenty of time for a portrait session.

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No bullshit micro wedding

What does it even mean? No bullshit micro wedding. The story is going to be straight out my heart - no bullshit, raw story about one marriage in pandemic time. It's a damn personal.

It was a short glimpse of some normality in between one and another lockdown in UK. Last year at the same time, I was shooting as a second photographer, big fat wedding venue for almost 200 wedding guests. In the year 2020, I consider myself lucky to document the micro wedding for up to 20 guests. We all drained with the current situation. And by all means, I do understand and agree with all restrictions. I know it's like a war. But we are all tired with the covid19.

This wedding day allowed me to see how much some of us went through over passing 2020 year. We lost close ones. We have holes in our life called trauma. I saw a brother in tears; I saw a brother trying to kill his pain at the bottom of the scotch whisky bottle. I saw a brother; the best man - a rescuer, a helper - uplifting soul. And I've seen Love.

Wedding against the odds

Weronika and Daniel managed their marriage and some small family and friends celebration just before the second tier 4 stay at home lockdown. I guess I can call it some normalcy, even with masks on and a limited number of wedding guests. Till the last minute, we didn't know where exactly the wedding ceremony will take place. The bride had a back-up plan to have just a wedding ceremony in an old catholic church in Glasgow if the original goal of having Edinburgh ceremony and venue celebration will fall due to new, possible restrictions. Veronica was also tired of postponing her wedding date. No matter what, The bride was determined to have a wedding with Daniel, her beloved husband, to be. I consider the fact everything vent accordingly to the original plan as a lucky strike. And squeeze on the list 20 guests when the groom has five siblings and bride has four, takes half off the list. I imagine it was a tough decision who will be included or excluded as a wedding guest.

edinburgh micro wedding

12.12.2020 - Edinburgh. It's good to be back.

I arrived early at the hotel as a day needed to be started and ended early. Happy faces welcomed me. The hairdresser, lovely lady said it's so good to be back, doing what she loves. I assumed under her mask was a big, bright smile. I feel her. As per usual wedding, brides and bride chatting, beautiful wedding and bridesmaid's dresses waiting to look gorgeous on them.

Daniel, the groom - emotional, amazing man. - I sensed him a bit off. I did not know the dark truth revealed later to me. Weronika, the bride, had a morning surprise for him to let the stress off his back. A prank plotted with the groom's best friend - kind of the first look before the ceremony, sold to the groom as one of the unusual traditions. And it was successful.

edinburgh micro wedding

Then family, including myself, were helping out, and it was about time for the most important event of the day - time to leave off to the church.

Wedding Ceremony

There she goes - the beautiful bride in all the glory lead by her father. The ceremony took place in the lovely Parish church. Obligatory masks. Crazy when I think about a year back, unthinkable become an everyday routine. Except that, just a typical, traditional wedding. The big moment. Priest, wedding rings, sign off the documents, family photography session afterwards. Oh boy, I was missing this! I value family portraits as much as candid photos. I was feeling alive.

Tears and laugh - Kirknewton House Stables

A classic blue van arrived with freshly married couple arrived in Kirknewton, a beautiful estate with large garden located on west-south, outside Edinburgh city. Parents welcomed the couple with bread and salt. It's an old traditional welcome ceremony with roots in European, Slavic culture as the wedding was a join between Scottish and Polish families.

The sad, heart-sinking information no one wanted to mention me earlier. Daniel's dad couldn't be there. The groom's father passed away in May, earlier this year. An unobtainable loss. That one precious guest, everyone was missing so much.

I have my own story about my dad. I know what mess he left in my mind, when he died. Many words, I will not say to him anymore; many things don't solve because he's not here. He's gone forever. I was an outsider, but also I felt connected on my own, personal level.

Heart-warming best man speech was so emotional, and it was difficult not to cry. The void left by a close one to the family. We all wish he were there - a heartbreaking moment. I had to go outside for a short moment, capture the best man speech outside the window as I was holding back tears. Get my shit together and back to the wedding guests. I guess I was taught in my childhood that man doesn't cry. It's an ongoing process for me, how to deal with human emotions.

After the best man speech, somebody brought a laptop to the wedding table. And everyone was watching videos from family and friends that couldn't be there. One more time with feeling, making wedding guests shed a tear. Let's have one more toast drink.

Fuck you Covid. Enough. Let's forget about it. Let's have a party. Let's drink and laugh and dance. Let's have a bite of the sweet wedding cake. It's not supposed to be a sad day. It should be a happy day. And we want to be joyful against the odds. We've got holes, but we carry on.

I was holding tears for the rest of the evening. Hugged Daniel (yes, very unprofessional human essential thing) on the end of the day, still holding my tears back. I remember he said between the lines - look, how beautiful wife I have.

Is Love stronger than death? I want to believe it is.

kirknewton stables wedding

I miss hugs by the way. I let myself go with emotions in the car, on the way back to Glasgow. I couldn't hold tears anymore. Thank you, Weronika, Daniel and family for letting me be there. I was a photographer, a witness, one of your wedding guests.

oran mor glasgow wedding

Glasgow Wedding in Òran Mór

Before 2020 madness started.

December 28 of 2019. A big wedding venue in Formerly Kelvinside Parish Church, Glasgow wedding in Òran Mór. My very last wedding of the year. I had a privilege to be as a second wedding photographer beside brilliant Mark Pacura. Well over a hundred wedding guests were expected to come and enjoy the ceremony, reception and wedding party. Amanda and Robbie, the incredible couple had a lot of friends to come over to their beautiful wedding. There's something magical in this time of the year. Everyone still buzzing after festive Christmas time and prepare for the new year to come.

The morning - Groom

I love such relaxed, laid back groom and best man! Cheeky Scottish humour. Hell, I love Scotland! Having Polish roots, I admire Scottish social life. Well, Irn Bru and so-called munchy box aren't exactly my cup of tea (sorry Scotland!). The morning just started with friendly banter and I just imminently feel like I'm one of the pals. Not having a job as a wedding photographer (although I'm very serious about it) but be a part of the celebration. Wedding speech? Oh, just a quick write on the paper sheet will do. Nae bother hen - don't to worry much. Not everything has to be perfect.

Meanwhile, in the bride HQ. Sometimes details are matters and add a value to the bigger picture.

Òran Mór Glasgow Wedding Ceremony

Bride and groom decided to tie the knot in a humanist ceremony manner. I always thought "tie the knot" is a Scottish thing. But in fact, roots go as far as the Roman Empire existence. Pretty cool if you ask me. Lots of guests, candle fire. Everyone getting ready for the bride to come. And there she is, arriving with her dad. A touching moment. Father walk with daughter to her one and only lover arms, husband soon. Kiss the Bride, sign up papers with celebrant and witness. Walk-off in style over the carpet with mandatory confetti in the air sprinkled by the wedding guests and most important part of the day is over. Everyone can relax now and chill while waiting for dinner and the best part of the day, party time!

Oh, speeches, of course. Groom lost a little bit of his Scottish laid back attitude and tremble. That's a lot of guests and everyone watching. But what are the best men! Best man always has your back. At that night, I could hear lots of laughs, see lots of smiles. And a toast for the young couple. I have to mention quite cool detail about the decorations. As Amanda and Robbie are some keen travellers, each table had a country name and photo from the place they been together. Neat! The whole wedding venue was like a Christmas night out. Lots of candles, lots of lights. Like a big family festive time dinner.

First dance at Glasgow wedding in Òran Mór belonged to a bride and groom. That's not always the case. All guests eyes on them, but soon after wedding guests starting the traditional Scottish dance Ceilidh. (pronounced kay-lee) I've been at such dances many times, so much fun to be a part. Some guidance is a must usually be provided by the band. Ceilidh dance can be complicated unless you are pro!

wedding glasgow oran mor

My story end here, have a look at those people, fun, joy. How little I knew at the time that would be one of the last big parties throw in 2019. And it would be at Glasgow wedding. The 2020 year, please go away. Can we have a big fat wedding fun dance again? Please, please, make it happen. Dear universe, be kind for all wedding venues in 2021.

Drumtochty Castle Wedding

Wedding Scotland Drumtochty Castle

The "American way"

Jillian and Travis have come all the way from the United States to breathtaking landscapes in Scotland. The choice of their destination wedding, Scotland Drumtochty Castle. The humanist wedding ceremony took place in a stunning 19th-century Scottish castle. Groom, former soldier, who’s family roots origin from Scotland and bride couldn’t imagine a better place for their wedding other than Scottish Highlands.

Under the agreement, the whole event was under Scottish tradition in the slightest details. So what you can get from a twist of traditional, old fashion wedding and American laid back attitude? Wedding Scotland Drumtochty Castle was a blast, it was such a pleasure to be a witness, photographer, and journalist of such a cool wedding! Wedding cake as every detail of the venue was just simply amazing. And details, just have a look at how stylish not only the bride and groom were but whole guest list!

Wedding Scotland Drumtochty Castle. The ceremony.

The humanist ceremony was so relaxed and fun, just like two good friends have an agreement. I just love how easy-going couple and guests were. There was a moment of small concern when a heavy shower just started. But hey, this is Scotland after all. Expect unexpected in terms of Scottish weather.

Ceremony was amazing. Sun came out of the sky in the perfect time. I don't know, maybe couple has some special deal with god or universe. Like that heavy shower was a part of the venue to add a little bit of the drama. It was fun, it was touching and after wedding ceremony loads of hugs exchanging between family and friends. Humans, what a cute creatures, they hug to comfort others, they cry with tears when feel sad or touched, smile when they happy.

At reception and before dinner there was a time for individual couple session as sunset was near. That's the best time for photographers. The lower sun is, you should expect even better photos as the light is nicer. So trust your photographer about set time schedule. So we went for a little walk to the near forest, close to the castle. And photos, were just simply amazing. Everything worked out really well at wedding Scotland Drumtochty Castle.

Just look how nice and classy bride and groom was. Wedding dress, not everyone cup of tea, definitely unique in style. After almost an hour spent with a freshly married couple, it was a time for well-deserved dinner. But before that, mandatory speech and cutting cake. Speeches were funny, touching, engaging. As you could tell from the photos. The cutting cake couldn't be done in an ordinary way, oh no! The couple did in it a cool way by using a sword. After dinner, lots of guests had a lot of fun, play games, smoked cigars all that chill, laid back American attitude. Pretty rad wedding Scotland Drumtochty Castle.

And oh boy, the party was such a blast! In fact it was so bad ass that I really wanted to drop my camera and have some fun dance with wedding guests. The best man was just brilliant not only on the dance floor but as a singer, singing along with the band. Yeah, you read this right, best man was singing old, good American rock and roll and all guests (no exception, really) were on the dance floor. Now this is what I call really good twist of American culture and Scottish tradition.

To summarise, what a wedding, what a night. Jillian and Travis will remember these moments for a long time. Scotland Drumtochty Castle. Such a hidden gem on east coast. Just simply amazing place. And photos will keep they’s memories fresh for years to come together. Still buzzing about this incredible wedding.