edinburgh engagement session

Edinburgh Engagement Session

Holyrood Park and Arthur's Seat was a perfect location.

In late November not so often you can get lucky with gorgeous sun to shoot engagement session in Edinburgh. Scotland is usually cold and windy in winter. I was feeling spoiled with such a nice day. Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano, is the highest point of Holyrood Park, placed almost in the centre of Edinburgh. It’s a short walk from the bottom of the park.

Natalia and Wojtek - Engagement pre-wedding celebration session

Lovebirds, Natalia and Wojtek engaged a few weeks back, decided to celebrate their engagement in the sunny Edinburgh with a laid back, relaxed photo session. Literature internal reviewer and Wojtek, the real deal lumberjack and DJ arrived from Scottish wilderness to they's home, here in Edinburgh. We started our Edinburgh Engagement Session in the early morning; the sky barely glows over Arthur's Seat. We hike from the car park along with the sunrise. The light was just magic, making gold shades. Can you tell from the photos the session I did was in the wintertime? Images look more like from the summer or early autumn.

The engagement ring

The ring is unique. It has taken months of search to pick the right one for the one and only sweetheart, Natalia. All the best for love. The engagement ring has one of the rarest Scottish stones available. One of the 80 sapphires from Isle of Lewis.

Edinburgh - A perfect place for modern lovers.

The capital of Scotland did not disappoint. It's a perfect city for romantic getaways - vibrant, full of art galleries, restaurants and coffee shops to visit. And if you prefer nature, you can hike up to Arthur's Seat, and it's just in the middle of the city. We had a lot of fun on that day. It was just a perfect moment to celebrate an engagement. I'm just looking forward to the wedding. I can't deny Natalia and Wojtek are cool couple. Such a happy, crazy in love people. I believe photos reflect the chemistry and vibe from that beautiful day in Edinburgh. I can't wait to see Natalia as the bride in a wedding dress and Wojtek as a Groom in the suit or even better, tuxedo! I also can't wait for the new 2021 year, full of hope and excitement. This year was challenging on all of us; I'm pretty sure about this. Edinburgh Engagement Session of Natalia and Wojtek, the day we had together. The moment we were celebrating. With a laugh, with the joy of life gave me so many good vibes that it still makes me smile when looking at the photos. For this kind of moments, I love my photography job. It's not a job only; it's a passion.

Couple Session Portugal

Couple Goals - Couple session in Portugal

Romantic destination in Portugal?

What fist does place come to mind? Most likely it's going to be south-west part of Portugal, close to Lisbon. Most couples considering Lisbon. A very romantic and popular place for engagement sessions and destination wedding. But Giraffe and Zebra aren't a usual couple. They are extraordinary people. They could choose any location but decided to start love life together up north of Portugal. An over hour drive from Porto, Braga district.

Couple goals

Sometimes, people, you meet over your journey called life can change your path. Zebra (aka Deadman) Glasgow tattoo artist meet the street performer and professional yoga teacher Giraffe, Berlin resident. The universe knew they were meant to be together. Couple goals - Giraffe and Zebra. At first sight I could tell how well they fit together.

Giraffe and Zebra engaged in Glasgow and decided to move to small Portuguese village up north from Braga, close to Spanish Border. And what a beautiful couple in a beautiful place they are!

Braga district is an amazing place on earth. It's only about an hour drive from Porto Airport and you get right into mountains and leaks. Large boulders make that place look like somewhere on Mars rather than Earth, especially in the harsh sun I had a luck to have this lovely couple session.

I had amazing time back then. I could truly feel that connection Zebra and Giraffe. And connection with nature. Fruits, freely hanging down, falling on the ground, I could taste fresh oranges or citrons. A peaceful place.

Photography Session Braga Portugal

Sunset was close, pretty magical time to play with fading light. And the sky was breathtaking indeed. Few after dark snap shoots and we all together headed back home. The plan was go hiking up mountain on the early morning and welcome sunrise.

Photography Session Braga Portugal

The night was short, but the next day was as magical as the first day. We climbed high, in the dark. They’s dedication to my photography art was incredible. I mean, who would at 4 am climb up the mountain for best light and view? I guess we all were a little bit crazy.

I’ve spent two days there enjoying views, the peacefulness of that place and vegan food served by Giraffe. They plan to get married next year. I’m pretty certain the wedding will be epic! I can’t wait to meet those two again. Goodbye Portugal, goodbye my friends, until the next time!

Photography Session Braga Portugal

pre-wedding photoshoot

Couple pre-wedding photoshoot in Callander

Bracklinn Falls, just an hour of drive from Glasgow. A very charming place for Couple pre-wedding photoshoot in Callander. People who knows me also knows my favourite habitat is nature and my favourite colour is green. So I often looking for a spot with trees. Agata and Patryk, freshly engaged couple was really lovely to work with. l They both a bit shy, a bit vulnerable in front of the camera. Could I ask for more? Maybe some rain would add to the mix a little bit depth to the story. Perfection.

Actually, the day really started to look very bad with rain pouring down heavier and heavier every mile closer to location for Engagement photography in Scotland. To the point, I started to worry about my photography gear that could handle so much water. It was a warm day at least, not worried that much about my couple. That said, I love rainy days, it had to be done. 

Couple pre-wedding photoshoot in Callander

Agata and Patryk seemed to enjoy through our little adventure. When young couple saw photos, Agata said: Look, we could maybe do better, pose better. I don’t need models – I replied. I need real people and real photos. And this showing how you are. In love.

engagement shoot aberfoyle scotland

Engagement shoot - Aberfoyle, Scotland

Mysterious love story

Imagine that you had a dream about tender love and passion. Would you pursue that dream against the odds, overcome many obstacles, chase happiness? Magda and Remi had some story to tell at engagement shoot - Aberfoyle, Scotland

I believe this is what we all want. But not all dare to do it. Sometimes it’s not an easy path, it takes a lot of courage, trust in another person. Put way out of your comfort zone. This is what Magda and Remi had to do to be together. And oh boy what a fairytale story they could tell.

They lost and found themselves in Glasgow, let’s call this place magical. Yeah, a magical place in Glasgow doesn’t sound very convincing but I’ve seen it and I know it does exist. Let’s establish that wasn’t a pub or football stadium, none of that kind of thing. At the time they met, both been in long term relationships and marriage. Society would call it well established, good couples when you don’t scratch the surface. 

Trust your heart

But they knew deep down there’s something missing. Something that can’t be defined, can’t be described. Until they meet and figured that out. It took some guts to move from another country and city to be together. More them that, they had to fight against prejudice and judgemental opinions from close ones who are a matter to them. Love don’t compromise and don’t take hostages. Does it need sacrifices? Sometimes hearts breaking and pride being hurt when you’re in a war zone. But at the end of the day, nothing else matters but love. Just be happy and trust your heart. For my dear friends, Magda and Remi 

Engagement shoot

We drove up to Aberfoyle, 30 odd miles from Glasgow. We went for a walk in the near forest. Magda and Remi love nature. Both of them are vegans try to live in harmony with nature. They run a vegan cosmetics business you should check out at ochvegan. Really good products.

The morning was rainy and cold, typical Scottish, late winter day. I always care about some backup jackets, blankets and umbrella in the trunk of my car. Last thing I would like to let my couple have hypothermia! Both were well prepared though. The morning was a bit grim but a few hours later the sun comes out. I was lucky to shoot a few photos in the sun at the end of the engagement shoot.

That's the end and the beginning of this love story. They were that spark which started fire. I know I can't stop now, I need to pursue my dream. To be a couples and wedding photographer. I am engaged, I am invested in this. I know what I want to do. What is my desire. Who I want to become.