Borthwick Castle Wedding

Borthwick Castle Wedding Photography

Borthwick Castle Wedding – Intimate, Luxury Venue.

Big thanks to Timeless White Weddings for meticulously organising every detail for the Borthwick Castle Wedding.

One of the most beautiful castles getting married couples can find in Scotland, close enough to the capital city, Edinburgh. Borthwick Castle has that authentic, medieval vibe and unique charm. Erected in the 15th century and modernised with a complete overhaul to meet the luxury standards. The location is fantastic too, only a 30-40 minute drive from Edinburgh Airport, depending upon traffic congestion. Easy access to the Borthwick Castle Wedding Venue goes with a quiet, rural area. To sum up, there are no weak points in the location.

Jennifer & Marius beautiful destination wedding day

From Edinburgh, off the A7 dual carriage, the last few miles leading over a quiet, country road. The castle sits on the hill behind the big gate and wall with a beautiful view and a lovely forest on the side.

The bride’s room was at the gatehouse, a round, large room by the entrance to the main property. I met Jennifer as a first person, one hour before the wedding ceremony. She was getting ready, the bridesmaids were helping her. A nervous moment of anticipation, she will be married to her love of life very soon.

The Wedding Ceremony

A beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony took place in the space historically known as Garrison, two levels above the ground floor. This atmospheric space with dimmed lights and candles was perfect for the Borthwick castle wedding. By the way, there are a lot of stairs and walking, so wedding guests should be prepared for extra exercise on the wedding day!

The ceremony itself was very beautiful and touching with vows which made the bridesmaid shed some tears. I should mention how stunningly gorgeous Jennifer, the bride was looking! Bohemian style dress with fresh flower bouquet and headband.

The reception – Castle’s Stateroom

After the ceremony just married couple welcomed all guests and family. Warm hugs and candid moments are my favourites to capture and document. Please, have a look at my style for more.

The room itself is very elegant and cosy with comfy sofas and lovely interiors with big windows all around—a perfect spot to celebrate this wonderful wedding day with a glass of wine.

Borthwick Castle Wedding Grounds

The dinner, as per Scottish wedding tradition, was introduced by the bagpiper. The couple going after him was heered with a standing ovation. The grounds was looking amazing with a long table and old wall paintings and mirrors. After dinner, it was time for the first dance, beautifully executed by Jennifer and Marius.

The details from the flower to the cake were also stylish. Very simple one-tier cake design decorated with lovely flowers. Sometimes less is more, like in this case.

Before the cake cutting and first ceilidh dances, we went for a short portrait session outside the castle. It was cold and very windy so we found shelter in the gatehouse.

We haven’t stayed for too long in the gatehouse as later celebrations were about to start. Borthwick Castle Wedding schedule plan contained some Scottish dances and whiskey tasting.

As we here in Scotland often participate in the traditional ceilidh dance, for Jennifer, Marius and guests from France and Germany it was certainly a novelty! Lots of laughs, mistakes and goofs. I can’t describe how much I love documenting dances at weddings!

Jennifer Marius Portraits 034

To cool down and get a little bit of fresh air, we went outside as the light was insanely beautiful. One of the last main attractions was Scottish whiskey tasting with a bit of storytelling and whiskey history background. Surely a lovely experience for Borthwick Castle wedding guests!

It was time for the cake cutting, Jennifer and Marius used the old sword to do it. Borthwick Castle wedding was one of that unforgettable venues, I’ll be coming back with absolute joy and excitement.

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